Friday, December 23, 2016

E Commerce Business Development Manager NEEDED


To maximize Micserah revenues through its e-commerce channel and ensure that its online technical and consumer programs incorporate the latest industry developments.


1. To develop and implement the Micserah e-commerce strategy to maximize revenue and ensure the highest standard of customer service

2. To manage, develop and care for the team responsible for Micserah's e-commerce sales, fulfillment and selling our Products.

3. To set the strategic direction for, oversee and co-ordinate all e-commerce activity across the online and retail network, including promotions, audience and learning events, exhibitions, and customer services.

4. To be the final decision maker, in consultation with the line Director, for cross e-commerce policy decisions.

5. To manage the relationship with the e-commerce platform developer.

6. To work with Micserah Information Systems and the support development of system improvements.

7. To ensure that the e-commerce activity is consistent with the ethos of Micserah.

8. To make sure that the e-commerce elements on the website are fully functional at all times and meet customer needs.

9. To identify industry best practice and recommend where an appropriate application in our store.


1. Annual e-commerce financial targets for Micserah are met.

2. The e-commerce function across Micserah is maximizing its market potential.

3. Micserah e-commerce activity is fully integrated and appears seamless to Website users.

4. New market opportunities are identified developed, and market entry plans are managed.

5. Appropriate promotional and communication programs are designed and executed promptly.

6. BM Images is maximizing revenue potential, and different customer’s needs are being fully met.

7. Ensure that the appearance and functionality of the e-commerce element of the website are of a continuously high standard.

8. Oversee the fulfillment of goods and services ordered via the e-commerce channel and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and business efficiency.


1. Strong business skills evidenced by a business qualification or track record of managing similar activities.

2. Technical understanding of information and web-based systems evidenced through skills or previous management experience.

3. Strong analytical skills

4. Sound, up-to-date working knowledge of relevant legislation and best practice affecting the e-Commerce function.


1. Ability to directly lead and develop a small business unit and manage growth.

2. Authority and flexibility in coordinating and influencing activities across a complex organization.

3. Ability to develop strategy and manage its implementation.

4. Project management skills with an ability to see things through to completion in a challenging environment.

5. Customer focus and capacity to look at operations from the client's perspective.

Appointment: Appointments are subject to satisfactory references. Also, offers of employment are made subject to the condition that a security check will be done.
Hours  A 35 hour week, from Monday to Friday, with a 1-hour lunch break.
Salary  Variable, based on experience

Friday, December 16, 2016

New year's resolution ? NO for me. i will do these instead

This year I made a lot of resolutions, and one of them is to go to the Gym more, I failed in most of these resolutions epically.

According to ''Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year's Resolutions '' Fuck me ! just 8% ? 

The thing is   ''Enthusiasm is common. Commitment is rare.''

Every year my resolutions begin to drop off after a week, I hope I am not the only one? But the truth is only 40% of those who made resolutions actually stick to their goals. 

Some resolutions are hard to keep, for example, Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist said 'A resolution to lose some weight is not that easy to follow,"

So this means the reason for our failures is that many of us lack the structure to support the behavioral change our new goals require.

To be sincere, I know what to do to commit to my resolutions, but the determination to committing to it is the issue.

SO in 2017 I have decided to work and focus on mini goals, instead of creating unrealistic and stressful goals I cant achieve.

I have made a list of how I plan to run my 2017,  will focus on these daily, weekly and monthly so I can consistently get things done.

1.  Instead of writing many goals the which I can't achieve, I will focus on the process that will actually get me close to my goals and commit to those actions.

2. I will say NO to anything that will distract me from interruption is required, a clear focus. I expect this to lead me to massive success. In 2017 I won't care if I'm not liked my plan is to be respected.

3. I am going to ditch multitasking, it has been verified by the scientist; it doesn't work.Trying to do many things at the same time only creates more bottleneck it doesnt help.Rather I will focus on a task,then another after the first has been completed.

4. Steve Jobs said what made Apple was not only what they decide to build but also all those projects they choose to ignore. So next year I am going to write a Stop doing List this will contain the list of things I plan to stop doing.

5. There are some apps I should be using to keep track of tasks, I will use them more next year. Apps like todoist,wunderlist.

6. I am good at procrastinating, and I figured out that the only way to solve this, is to always try to deal with something once, instead of saying tomorrow I will do it now and get it off my mind so I can fully focus on the next matter.

7. I will set a time frame and deadline for my larger projects, I need to be more realistic about the length of time they will take and plan ahead.

8. There is some task I will be doing away from the office next year, and also I have I realized it is critical to take breaks and let my brain rest, take a walk or socialize a bit to refresh for new tasks.

9. I will always take the time to celebrate my progress and keep refining toward a happy, productive year 

10. Do you know of the 80/20 rule? well, only 20% of what you do every day produces 80% of the result you get. so I will focus more on the most significant 20% of the task I have at hand.

If you love my plan for 2017, please share or leave a comment 

Monday, December 12, 2016

how punters choose where to bet and how betting companies can tap in to them

The year 2016 is coming to an end in some few weeks. In the Nigeria gaming industry, we have seen a lot of ups and down...the good the bad and the ugly Few companies continue to soar up both in sales and profits. We have seen new businesses launched and closed.
When I see betting company start operation and closed in Nigeria I begin to wonder what they are getting wrong in this 1 billion Naira a day gaming industry. Definitely, it's not sales or profit. 
As a gaming professional, I have seen many companies make poor decisions when it comes to products, staffing, and business strategies.
Well, it's not looking like it's going to change soon, but as a stakeholder in this industry, I wish we had a very competitive industry where betting companies compete with each other for customer retention. Instead of a 1 or 2 horse race we have now.
There are 4 key motivational principles for betting and how to tap into them, understanding these principles will continue to shape the industry, years to come as we see customers getting more enlightened about what they deserve and what they are receiving in regards to service delivery. 
  1. They’re familiar with the agent or the company: a company like bet9ja spends millions of Naira to acquire shops and equipment for their agents, to increase their reach and profitability. Customers trust them because they see them all around, there is the sense that for them to be all around, they must be very wealthy as a company. And that's the reason they became arguably the number 1 company in Nigeria. 
Key takeaway: Companies looking to compete must first make sure they have excellent products and devise a strategy to spread and this can only be achieved by having good products in more agent shops all around the country.
2. They share values with what or whom they are listening to:  it's the same as other business, let's take me as an example. I don't bet, but I like sports and reads sports newspaper every day, I will be more convinced to take a bet one day with a company that keeps promoting sports news in the paper I buy every day.
Key takeaway: betting companies should break their story down into different elements that people might actually want to listen to.This will help to draw in a diversified audience, it will not only keep your existing customers but attract new clients who like the content you are sharing.
3. Someone told them to I have been convinced to buy many things in life by my friends so many times, now I have to wonder how many people have played games with bet9ja,supabets or nairabet just because people recommended them as the best companies around. We call this social proof. The theory that people will adopt the beliefs or actions of a group of individuals they like or trust. 
Word of mouth has six essentials qualities as explained by author Jonah Berger in his book 'contagious'. Social currency, Triggers, Emotion, public, practical value. These are the qualities that get people to keep listening or betting with your company.
key takeaway: keep your current customers glued to your firm by continuously updating your products, give them right incentives, be true to them, illustrate your business strategies through emotion, teach them what they need to know like responsible gambling, something they would love to pass to friends or co-worker. position your ads in a way that it's impossible not to tell someone.
4. They think the value they get from you is the best in the market while you can't provide or please everyone, you can do your best to provide the best service and incentive. Remember to make it true to yourself and your brand. Be it a bonus, odds or game selections. A Lot of companies take advantage of the poorly regulated gaming industry in Nigeria to under pay punters and their agents. You could set your business apart by operating according to the international gaming standard.
Key Takeaway: Find out what matters to your company and use what i have covered here today to know what is important to punters out here. You will be surprised how great your business will do in 2017.
what are your best tips for betting companies to catch the attention of the audience ? share them with us in the comment below

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nairabet signs deal with BtoBet

Following BtoBet’s actions to expand into the African market, BtoBet is now delighted to announce its partnership with the leading gambling company of Nigeria, NairaBet. 

Akin Alabi, CEO of NairaBet,commented: “As a leading sports betting operator in the Nigerian market, we are always on the look out for quality partners and products to ensure a great experience for our customers. One of such partners is BetoBet and we are looking forward to working with them.” 

BtoBet’s CEO Alessandro Fried complemented with NairaBet as a very fast growing brand in land based and online and added: “We are very proud to have NairaBet as a partner in Nigeria. The growing number ofgamblers and the spread ofmobile is indicating the need to adopt a suitable platform and fitting software to manage player data and gambling-related business anywhere, from land based shops to mobile and online. I firmly believe BtoBet’s next-level omnichannel platform – B Neuron – will provide NairaBet with the greatest insight into players’ data and behavior and will drive the company to increase revenues.” 

At-least now we could expect better products, better services to compete fully locally and internationally 

source : Gambling insider

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gambler Leaves gambling Table, Robs Bank Then Returns To Table

A man from West Virginia, USA, is facing bank robbery charges after police said he left a black jack table, robbed a bank and then returned to the casino to continue gambling.

Kerry Johnson, 52, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after police said he robbed the City National Bank on Bridge Road Tuesday at about 3:30 p.m., according to a criminal complaint filed in Kanawha County Magistrate Court.
The complaint said Johnson walked into the bank and handed an employee a note that said he had a bomb and a weapon and demanded they give him money. After receiving money, the complaint said Johnson left the area in a Green Mazda Miata.
View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
Detectives received an anonymous tip that the suspect was Kerry Johnson. The complaint said detectives went to his residence and located a yellow legal pad that matched the note that was handed to the teller.
They also found a hat that appeared to be the one that Kelly wearing in surveillance video.
Detectives noticed a couch cushion in Johnson’s home was out of place and when it was removed, a large sum of cash was found stuffed into the couch, according to the complaint.
Upon questioning, Johnson told police he had been at the Mardi Gras Casino from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, but detectives later discovered he left the casino for a short period of time that matched the time of the robbery.
Johnson was also seen leaving a $25 casino chip at Mardi Gras blackjack table. Then, after the time of the robbery, he returned to the table to continue gambling.
The money taken during the robbery was recovered at the same table where Johnson was seen gambling.
Johnson is charged with bank robbery and is being held in the South Central Regional Jail on $50,000 bond.
And if he does post bond, he has to stay on home confinement.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Agent betting shops for sale (bet9ja brand )

if you are looking to kick start the beginning of the football season with a share in the lucrative sport betting business in nigeria

well you are in luck

There are 6 bet9ja betting shops owned by an agent for sale in the city of ibadan

The shops are all in very good locations, but the owner is shifting to another business and since he is not in nigeria , the recent cbn policy on dollar makes it difficult for him to keep running the business from outside the country

So if you are in nigeria and looking to start a guaranteed money making business or owned a shop before and wants more, this is the  opportunity you have been waiting

the dugbe shop :

2. Anfani area of ibadan

3. oki area shop

4. challenge area shop :

5. olorunsogo area shop :

6 iwo raod area shop :

all shops have existing staffs  and still function up to date so you just buy and continue making money non stop

if you are interested please call abbey on 08054324545

Friday, June 24, 2016


This event is taking place on 18 – 20 July at the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City in Accra, Ghana, the three-day summit follows the success of the inaugural Sports Betting East and West Africa event in 2016. Hosted by Eventus-International, the foremost independent global events company specialising in gaming conferences and exhibitions, Sports Betting West Africa is focused on the dynamic and growing sports betting and gambling markets in Africa. The summit’s tagline of “… the perfect entry into the African betting and gambling market!” promises and event not to be missed by operators, regulators and industry suppliers alike.
Comprising a two-day conference, a workshop day and exhibitor space, the summit features an extensive group of industry leaders and experts from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and the United Kingdom, providing unparalleled networking and learning opportunities to the attendees.
Challenging and investigating the core facets, trends and various regulatory matter of the West African betting and gambling markets, the event will inspire engaging conversation between regulators, operators and industry suppliers.
The two-day conference features high profile speakers such as  Mr Tunde Ali, Chairman and Mr Emmanuel Siisi Quainoo, Commissioner, Gaming Commission of Ghana; Mr Adolphus Ekpe, Director-General, Nigerian National Lottery Commission; Mr Lanre Gbajabiamila, CEO, Lagos State Lotteries Board; Mr Charles Wambia, Director, Betting Control and Licensing Board, Kenya and CEOs from leading operators addressing the betting and gambling landscapes, regulation, trends, opportunities and realities.  Attending the two masterclass workshops on day three will ensure delegates will be able to deal effectively with the legalities around establishing partnerships; as well as face the tax issues concerned with expansions into new markets.

SOURCE : calvinayre