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Teenage girls Steal 89 Year Old Woman's car, Lock her in the boot and cruise around town

Two teen girls from Delaware carjacked an elderly lady and drove around for more than 24 hours with her locked in the trunk, police have said.
The suspects, aged 14 and 15, allegedly asked 89-year-old Margaret E. Smith for a lift from a Milford Chicken Man store to a home in Lincoln some four miles away on Tuesday morning.
But when they arrived at their destination, they are accused of forcing her to hand over the keys to her Buick, stealing $500 from her coat pocket and bundling her into the car’s trunk.
Driving off, they are said to have kept her locked in the confined space as they cruised around town — even picking up two 17-year-old boys along the way.
Ignoring her screams for help, Smith's frail body was thrown around in the trunk — as the teens drove like a "roller coaster ride."

They eventually dumped her at a cemetery close to Seaford, more than 20 miles from where she had picked them up, late on Wednesday afternoon.
Smith, whose family had reported her missing at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, was taken to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital for treatment.
She had since been released.
Action News reports that the four teens were being charged as adults.
It has named the 14-year-old girl as Junia McDonald and the 15-year-old girl as Jackeline H. Perez.
It has also named the two 17-year-olds as Rondaiges A. Harper and Phillip L. Brewer.
The two girls were charged with robbery, carjacking, kidnapping and conspiracy and were detained on $122,000 cash bonds.
The two boys were charged with kidnapping, conspiracy and receiving stolen property and are being held on $27,000 secured bonds.
Another teen, who is still a juvenile and cannot be named, was charged with receiving stolen property and is on a $2,000 secured bond.


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