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Could Sport betting winnings replace your salary?

You might say that winning sport betting is impossible...  no matter how hard you've tried. Wrong!! Here's why: > Check this I agree that it is hard to win the Big prize...  I agree that it takes a bit of time... I also know that you're doing some mistakes. #1: Don't hit for the millions at first. Hit for the small prizes. There are people out there who are smart and  never play for the millions. Instead they find all kind of  tricks to win more then they invest. They are not succeeding every single time...but  at the end of the month they end up summing  #50,000... #200,000... or even #300k. They are real...and they are doing it secretly for  years. The best example is this guy: >> click here toknow how he is doing it ! What does he do? Simple... he stakes on the more easy games with less odds and gets triple or little more of his stakes everyday and every 2days he play a more difficult game when he already make some profit .  He&

The Man Who Won the lottery Twice

There has recently been a lot of articles about the incredible lottery story involving a Bulgarian who moved to the UK more than 20 years ago.  Much has been written of George Traykov’s £1 million win in the Millionaire’s Raffle in September 2011, but when he won another jackpot of £160,873.80 in the Euromillions Lottery game in 2012, people began referring to him as possibly the luckiest man in England. Through all of the hype surrounding his double jackpot wins, George is not that excited about it, and was even quoted as saying he considers himself unlucky with numbers.  He reasons out that in his second jackpot win, he missed winning a much bigger jackpot of £12 million by one digit – meaning, he could have won much more if he had really been lucky with numbers as people claim!

Top unluckiest lottery winner

People usually think winning the lottery means never having to worry about money ever again and that their problems will be more easily solved – if not gone at all. Here are 5 cases that will prove that wrong. 1. Millions to Misery Michael Carroll won £9.7 million, only to end up spending it all on drugs, gambling and prostitutes… a lot of prostitutes. His reckless spending drove his wife and daughter away, he was alone and after eight years of alcohol, drugs and prostitutes, Carroll was left with nothing. Still, according to the Daily Mail, Carroll stated that “The party has ended and it’s back to reality. I haven’t got two pennies to rub together and that’s the way I like it. I find it easier to live off £42 dole than a million.”