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Free recharge for forecasters

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David Luiz's reply to heart-warming fan letter

We can only assume he's been softly blubbing to himself since what happened happened on Tuesday evening, but David Luiz was no doubt cheered up a bit when the post came this morning. For, amid the condolence letters from various members of the Germany squad and the usual bills from his local dog groomers (that's a hair joke, by the way), was a truly heart-warming hand-written letter from a young Brazil fan named Ana Luz. Showing both support, encouragement and wisdom beyond her years, this is what little Ana Luz had to say: "Hi David Luiz, "My name is Analuz. "I saw all of the Brazil games in the World Cup and I liked it a lot watching you play. "I think that you don't need to be sad because you played well and did the best you could. 'You were a great captain. "Life is like this, sometimes people lose and sometimes people win but people only need to be happy. "David Luiz, you are my champion. "Analuz Penna Reale.&

There is no defence: Brazil's pathetic Neymar obsession led to semi-final capitulation

           Brazil's World Cup dreams did not end on the pitch in Belo Horizonte on Tuesday night - they died four days ago when they started weeping for a 22-year-old boy with a back injury. As Brazil fans gathered outside the Estadio Mineirao seven hours before kick-off, the main topic of conversation was Neymar. Many had the name of their poster boy on their back, above the number 10. Some fans had brought cut-out Neymar masks to wear and others sang his name in the streets while sipping the local beer to get into the party mood ahead of the big match - the semi-final which they would win to go through to a Maracana final. It was their destiny, they thought. Once the Brazil squad arrived, it was much of the same. The players wore baseball caps with #ForcaNeymar on the front. Chants of "Ole Neymar" rang out as the Brazil players started warming up. When the players emerged from the tunnel a few moments later they put their right arm out and reste

How to cope with losing in sport betting business !

Like death and taxes, losing runs when betting are part and parcel of life. They can cause endless frustration and defy logic at times. Here i examine ways of coping and limiting the damage from these times when whatever can go wrong does. 1. Take a Break Pro-punter John Basquill, who has enjoyed a supremely successful decade of betting for a living, correctly identified that the fifteen minutes after a poorly judged bet or moment of misfortune is the most dangerous time for all punters. This is the time when we are all at risk of getting "hotted up" and all reasoning and rationale goes flying out the window as we seek to recoup the losses. This is obviously a completely illogical reaction to bad luck, but a completely human one that we all experience when the unexpected occurs. The last flight faller or last second goal can tip anyone over the edge, no matter how disciplined they believe they are with their betting. The bes

10 RULES of Sports BETTING.

So you want to become a full-fledged member of the billion-dollar-a-year sports gambling industry , only you think you have what it takes to beat the masses? You think you're the next Jimmy the Greek? There are ways to help “even the odds” in your favor. The truth is there is only one proven way to win consistently (although having lady-luck on your side is also a major plus). You MUST know the sport you are betting on, and you have to pick out the games where the oddsmakers erred in setting the odds. There’s no magic formula, no computer simulating system, there’s no “insider” secrets. But there are ways to increase your chances so you win more than you lose. I like to call these the 10 RULES of Sports Betting . 1. Do not bet on sports if it affects your health. If you are a hard loser, if you have high blood pressure, a bad ticker, or just can’t let those bad picks go, then this isn’t the game for you because losing is inevitable. Betting on sports is lik