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You need to see this !!!

i was on to source for fund for my project which i believe is big but couldn't get the right amount of money i needed to make it successful i believe in this project and i want it to work ! so now im crowdfunding for it please if you can not contribute, sharing this page will do a lot in helping me to get the fund i needed for it thanks below is what the project is all about 

Why you should never give up !!!

Hi Im sure you have a story....(maybe that can even make a best selling book) but seriously its not important because we all have story to tell There is a lot of reason why you should never give up on life, on yourself because to be succesful in life you need to believe in yourself first then people may and i say may believe in you i started rough like every average young kids out there the difference is that we are not really poor my dad is just that type of dad who wont give you the money that will be enough for you ! i used to blame him for everything but when i start to understand life and i realised that you can never be smart unless u have a bit of hardship (maybe im not right ) But in my case i got really smart because i tasted hardship i know how important  it is to survive..i want to succeed (the zeal) ! i started reading books, any online articles about invention ideas i even subscribed to weekly success digest and it really help me...(research) i dont believe educ

Top Lottery Stories Of The Week !

Ten City Workers Share A Million Dollar Win Each member of the group now stand to receive $75,000 net of taxes.  And while their shares are too small to retire on, it represents a welcome bonus. Members of the betting syndicate have different ideas about where they will spend their share.  One wants new windows for his home, others will pay off college loans, get their children fitted with braces, and a few want to vacation on a tropical island. One of them is more thankful than the rest.  Carp had been in a bad accident and medical bills had been a burden.  But he says God saved him life and blessed him with the win to enable him to pay for medical care. NC Woman Gets Birthday Lottery ‘Gift’ A North Carolina woman won a $200,000 jackpot while playing the lottery on her birthday.  The woman was understandably elated but says she will never be this lucky again.  She says she has bought her last lottery ticket.   Safety Trainer Wins $1000 A Week For Life Sha

Mario Balotelli’s Craziest Moments :

  Mario Balotelli’s Top Ten Funny Moments : #10 £250,000 Strip Club Fine Source In the Spring of 2012, ‘Super Mario’ was pictured leaving a strip club in Liverpool on the Friday before he was due to play Bolton on the Saturday for the Sky Blues. The Italian madman was subsequently fined two weeks wages by manager, Roberto Mancini – but I’m sure he’d still do it again! #9  £25,000 Front Seat Money Source One of my personal favorites: When Mario Balotelli was pulled over by a Manchester policeman in one of his many expensive sports cars and was found to have £25,000 sitting on his front seat in cash, the ex-Man City star was asked why he had that amount of money on him, to which he allegedly replied ‘because I can’ – only Balotelli!