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Running a sport betting business as an agent

If you want to learn how to sell, how to operate an agency shop, and how to get new customers, this article is for you.  How to be successful in the Nigerian gaming industry in 2019 Retail, Retail, Retail. It’s something I don’t talk about enough, but it is absolutely the foundation of my career. I’m challenging myself to go deeper in 2019 because it is 1000% the bedrock of the sports betting business in Nigeria. And if you don’t understand that, you will lose. When I thought about how I started in the gaming business, i.e. running more than 10 shops, becoming a super agent then master agent while managing the most popular virtual products in the history of the country. And now a managing director a sports betting company, whatever the “transaction” is, I always break down my strategy into  right Products, sales, support, and marketing . Obviously, and for anyone reading this, you know that I spend an enormous amount of time talking about running a company, the

4 principles that guide me on life decisions

If there is something that I have learned over the years, is not give a damn about anyone else’s opinion, I can’t let myself get caught up in what my friends have, friends, boss or brother does with his or her “success.” Envy is the major enemy and once you let go of everything outside of your control, you can finally focus on your own game and “get yours.” Whether you think I’m a snake oil salesman or one of the better entrepreneur of my generation. the truth is if there is one thing that has guided my interaction with people I have come in contact over the years, they are these for principles:  humility,  hardwork,  patience, and  kindness  for the other person.  Kindness:  I'm extremely empathetic about the other person in a conversation or business deal, I put myself in the other person's shoes to be able to judge the situation better. Like if someone didn't come through on his/her word, I will first think 1000 possible scenarios that are unintentional, like

5 things new sports betting companies are doing wrong and how to make amends.

I promise you if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that speaking your truth is the only way to win, let alone feel comfortable with yourself and what you put online or the effort you put at your work. If I could just get one person or a director at one of these sport betting companies to understand that, then this rant will be worth it. The reason I’ve built an audience and the reason I’ve stayed relevant through my content and brand is that people can see through the bullshit. After 8 years of consistent output in this gaming industry from my start in school, first I created a community online for people to discuss, then after some time, supported the community with predictions and then went on to sell at that time what I considered a best selling lotto ebook to them, I kept the attention throughout my employment period at bet9ja and my community was a vital part of why we had a great launch and success at betking. The reason I was able to do this is that I’ve been able to