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4 principles that guide me on life decisions

If there is something that I have learned over the years, is not give a damn about anyone else’s opinion, I can’t let myself get caught up in what my friends have, friends, boss or brother does with his or her “success.” Envy is the major enemy and once you let go of everything outside of your control, you can finally focus on your own game and “get yours.”

Whether you think I’m a snake oil salesman or one of the better entrepreneur of my generation. the truth is if there is one thing that has guided my interaction with people I have come in contact over the years, they are these for principles:  humility, hardwork, patience, and kindness for the other person. 

Kindness: I'm extremely empathetic about the other person in a conversation or business deal, I put myself in the other person's shoes to be able to judge the situation better. Like if someone didn't come through on his/her word, I will first think 1000 possible scenarios that are unintentional, like what if something happened to him that put him/her in that position? like what if his mum died, what if he lost his job etc.

Help people no matter what, and don't expect anything in return from people you help. it has happened to me several times, I help people a lot and I have also gotten a lot of help in return. I can safely say "karma is practical"

Patience: Listen, In business, you need to be very patient either with the business or with your customers or even about the profitability of the business, trust me it takes time.

 I’ve seen this first hand, from managing my online gaming business to running Micserah for more than a year in loss before anyone cared.

The fact of the matter is you need to be willing to eat dirt, bleed, get laughed at, judged, snickered at, whispered behind, bet against, misunderstood and put down. If you believe in yourself and what you are doing and are acting like life is long and if you do the right things it plays out so.

I wish you heard and saw what people said about me from 2009–2013 … I knew who I was and I was willing to be patient and work my face off to say “Now what fuckers ?” .. stick it to the world if the world sleeps on you…BUT DO IT THE RIGHT WAY AND KNOW.  it’s gonna be painful before it’s amazing.

Hardwork:  Let’s make a promise right now that after your comment on this post, you will go out and “do” call/Text/ go/ and do something you’ve been wanting to do. Nothing happens without putting in the work and you must be willing to work 247 to achieve that success, day and night.

Wishing won't make things happen or work, it won't get you where you want to be. it's your hardwork that will get you there.

It takes days, months, years, and likely decades to build a big business. The biggest misconception about entrepreneurship and anyone who has ever “made it” is that it didn't take an enormous amount of hard work. That’s just false. Entrepreneurship is every day, always and forever.

The reason I document my life videos as a CEO building the first Nigerian wrist watch brand  Micserah and when I was at betking is because I want to give you inside look into how hard it really is. I’ve been working my  face off for the past 8 years and I’m still just starting
I always wanted to own my own companies, I have the ideas already but I need money, so I worked my ass off 247 at bet9ja for 5 years before starting micserah and also co-founding betking (left betking).

Have a plan then stick to it. Just start! your ability will grow with your ambition.

Humility:  I am the most underestimated person out there. people underestimate me all the time because of my humble nature or my way of life.

The truth is, I love being underestimated. it's my superpower because every time when people think I won't achieve success on a project I always go ahead and achieve success then stick it to there face. 

Success is the best revenge truly. so instead of worrying about people, looking for their respect, attention and recognition. focus on your own shit, enjoy the shadow and turn it to your advantage.

Finally, all this looking back is fucking with your neck. Too much looking back .. let's use this holiday weekend in Nigeria and this week in general around the world to finally make a commitment to leave all the baggage behind, -worrying about yesterday is ruining your tomorrow!!!

I wish you all the best


  1. Brother i get motivated from you post God bless you and i think these wake me up to my dream

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  9. I felt like reading my own thoughts. Well said dear. I also have experienced the same as you have described here and i have put my thoughts only on mind and i have never try to work it. now i will really try to work it out and do more hard work to achieve it


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