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Promoting your small business on Facebook

A lot of people struggle with promoting their small business. What I have been able to do for Micserah  which is my ''direct to consumer'' wristwatch brand, and has gotten us to the stage where are we are right now is that I always go for underpriced attention, spend on appropriately priced attention and totally ignore overpriced attention. I use the same logic in building my personal brand. Facebook and Instagram have massively underpriced attention right now. And I'm pleading to you this morning to take advantage of it before it becomes like television commercials or billboard Ads and become overpriced. Before we go into details of how to use Facebook or Instagram to promote your business, I want you to go to google and type on search ''how to create Instagram ads'' and '' how to create facebook ads'' You can then spend as much as needed to consume the content before going ahead

How to win in life: Give more than you asked for

A lot of people don't know the power of giving without expectation. I am amazed at how much people are losing because they do not know how to use this superpower. Please allow me to explain. Before I get deep into this article, I would like to create clarity and context, so no tone is lost in regards to my POVs on Giving and asking in return. When you give without asking for anything return, good things do happen might not be immediate but soon. This applies to any part of life, be it a relationship, family, Job, philanthropic work etc. It simply means going out of your way genuinely to help the other person. I have used the approach all my life, in Business and relationship, and it has continued to be a great strategy that keeps me going. Karma is practical In this era that no one wants to do anything for free, create a different path for yourself by giving more than you are asking in return. An example is A brand influencer offering to promote a brand for free f