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Promoting your small business on Facebook

A lot of people struggle with promoting their small business.

What I have been able to do for Micserah which is my ''direct to consumer'' wristwatch brand, and has gotten us to the stage where are we are right now is that I always go for underpriced attention, spend on appropriately priced attention and totally ignore overpriced attention.

I use the same logic in building my personal brand.

Facebook and Instagram have massively underpriced attention right now. And I'm pleading to you this morning to take advantage of it before it becomes like television commercials or billboard Ads and become overpriced.

Before we go into details of how to use Facebook or Instagram to promote your business, I want you to go to google and type on search ''how to create Instagram ads'' and '' how to create facebook ads'' You can then spend as much as needed to consume the content before going ahead to facebook or Instagram to give it a try.

Everyone is looking at the big brands with millions of naira in ad budget, forgetting that there are so many ways to promote your business when you have a limited marketing budget.

I will be happy to encourage you to go use all your money to do a billboard advertisement or brand a BRT for around 250k or more monthly. If you have the financial muscle. But in this era, they are over-priced for small business, and it's not just worth it.

The truth is people are not looking at billboards anymore, everyone is looking at their phones while in a car or bus. No one is looking at Tv commercials anymore; they are all focused on Facebook and Instagram.

The new world of marketing is online, I implore you to shift your focus and start to think of how to move your business advertisement to Facebook.

Thousands of small brands all over the world are making millions of naira via Facebook, Instagram and influencer marketing.

80% of our ads spend at Micserah is on influencer marketing, Facebook and Instagram. The good thing about Facebook and Instagram is that it’s still very cheap. You could pay as low as
#1000 to advertise.

Below is how to win on Facebook and Instagram marketing.

1.Create customer segment:

Create a different type of segment, target different demographics with different interest. I will suggest you create 5-20 different segment and continue to test with little money, some segment will do really good, once you or found the one that brings in most value you can then put a lot of money behind that segment. An example of a segment for a hair attachment seller is to target people in Lekki who love Tiwa Savage. Thousands of women will do, and if you are selling the most popular type of attachment that tiwa like, it's likely, you will get a lot of her fans to buy.

  2. Go narrow:

A lot of people go for a broad audience because they want to pay less to target a lot of people, they are afraid of high Cpms. I will advise you to drill down if you know the people that will buy your products are concentrated in Lagos island. Target only Lagos island in the location on Facebook ads manager. You will see more result quickly that way
3. Don’t spend all your budget on one post:
Lots of people are to lazy to test a lot of small sponsors before finally investing a lot on the one that works. Test different ad post with little money before finally spending a lot on the one that works.

Another way to identify a post that is worth sponsoring is to take notice of your recent post. Anyone with good engagement is worth promoting so it can reach more audience.

Video is another type of content that is worth investing in. But before producing video content, it’s essential to understand what kind of video will go well with your brand aesthetics. Is it going to be funny, entertainment video or video showing people how to use your product?

The reason I love this ad product so much (especially for small businesses) is that it’s intent-based. That means it’s really effective at driving sales, which is what a lot of small businesses need.

How are you promoting your business currently? Please leave a comment.


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