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My facebook note from 2012

In 2012 I wrote a note on Facebook on how I would like to live the next year, and recently someone liked the post, and it brought back memories of how I have always planned ahead both in the micro and macro. I am still of the opinion of proper planning, especially when it comes to a life journey. I like to plan for the short term and in the long run. A lot of people want to win small now, I  don't mind delaying my winnings for a bigger one in the future. I believe in 90mins more than the first 45 mins. This post was divided in to for areas of my life and how I intend to live the next year in those areas which are health, personality, community and life. I wanted to share these tips with you because I think it's still perfect for the present moment and I hope it brings some value to you. Enjoy! Ps: I did a bit of editing as the English, I used in 2012 is long outdated :) Health:- 1. In 2013 I will always Drink plenty of water.  2. I will ea