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26 Year Old SINGLE MOTHER With Four KIDS By Four BABY’S FATHERS Just Won $188M In Powerball LOTTO

SHALLOTTE, N.C. — One of the three winning tickets in Wednesday’s Powerball drawing belongs to Marie Holmes, a 26-year-old mother with four kids, one of whom has cerebral palsy, WECT reported. She bought the ticket at Scotchman convenience store on Whiteville Road in Shallotte, N.C. She takes home a piece of the $564 million jackpot — roughly $188 million, according to the North Carolina Education Lottery. “I don’t think it’s really hit me,” she said. “I guess when it hits my account is when it’s really going to hit me, but I’m thankful that I can bless my kids with something that I didn’t have.” Holmes worked at McDonald’s and Walmart but recently had to quit to care for her children, one boy and three girls. When she was asked if she’s ready to deal with that much money, Holmes said, “I’m ready for it. I’m ready to embrace the change. I’m very grateful for what’s about to happen for my family.” “First I’m going to pay my tithes because I wouldn’t have none of it

45 Business Quotes to Overcome Life's Challenges

There are many powerful life lessons that can be learned from leaders and entrepreneurs. The businesses they run, are mirrors of their values, their philosophy, their life style, the way they handled success and failures, their outlook on life and always reflects their character. Even the best leaders never know it all, they surround themselves with a tribe of followers, believers and devoted supporters.  Leaders guide their "family" through economical rough seas, market jungles, frantic launches and chaotic crashes! Great leaders, together with their team, employees, clients and customers they love, they hate, they fight, they hug, they cry, they scream, they sigh, they grow, succeed, or fail then rise back up. Regardless if you are an entry level employee fresh out of school, or a seasoned professional with a glorious career, you and I can always glean some wisdom and insight from other luminaries and experts. QUOTES ARE SO POPULAR, for one reason, they