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I'm Grateful for 2018 and excited about 2019

As I look back on my journey in life especially in 2018 which was a very defining year for me, as a person and as a businessman a.ka. Entrepreneur. Obviously, to me, life is pretty simple. There are things I can control and others I can’t. Everything boils down to my actions and my mindset and I have continuously refused to be caught up. There are moments of setbacks and moments of "wow I can't believe I did this''. I can not but be grateful to a lot of people for their support both at home and abroad.  Moments, when people expected me to stay down after i left betking, was the time I stood up and started to rebuild again. I traveled the world, gave speeches at gaming conferences in lagos, South Africa, and Malta, visited Cyprus London, and holiday in Benin Republic. I also founded the first Luxury watch brand in Nigeria  micserah Why didn't I let some people's opinion weigh me down? I understand people's opinion just don't ma