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Bet9ja Rewards Winners

In fulfillment of its promise to always reward her winners, sport betting company, Bet9ja, has doled out various cash prices to winners from last weekend. According to Bet9ja CEO, Ayo Ojuroye, “we have paid all our winners from last weekend in line with our promise of paying promptly. We congratulate all our lucky winners that emerged over the weekend. We assure them that we will never fail to pay their winnings in line with our promise to them. In less than two years of doing sports betting business in Nigeria, Bet9ja has displayed  a high sense of integrity through prompt payment of winnings. He assured all agents and punters that they will continue to serve them with a high sense of responsibility. Ojuroye further said “We thank our agents for their hard work and dedication towards making   the top sports betting company in the country. We will continue to protect them from undue risk. As we demonstrated last weekend, we will never deny them their benefits.”

Will lotto in Nigeria ever be any interesting ?

I have seen European Lottos online and also witness the passion and reward for the players  I have seen different type of lotteries on display out there in Europe 6/45 7/49 5/50 it's rear u see only 5/90 with a company but in my dear country it's not the same  The lotto companies are ripping us off everyday not only can't we play other types of lotto but we can't yet play online in this 21st century !!!  We all have to go to the kiosk. We keep playing the one way we have been playing since fun no new new products or ideas. It's a pity  You know what I want ? A new lotto company with new ideas that will shook the old timers up. Break the monopoly and let the lottery board knows that when you give monopoly power to some few people it kills idea and the game  I pray this happens soon (amen)  I am writing this from my iPhone, I hope it displays well. It's my first post through my mobile phone. If it goes well I might post more through my phone.

2015 can be the year for the revolution of sports betting in Nigeria

Johnson Adewale Foye , Head of Operations at HSL Gaming Network Limited which runs Gobet3000 , believes that next year will be a key time for the development of sports betting in Nigeria . Having spent some years in this sector, and coupled with some of the research I have done in the past and of late, I personally will say that that 2015 will mark the entrance of a great revolution in the sports-betting sector in Nigeria . If I may take us back a little on the gambling history of this great nation. Casinos were the first predominate gambling experienced after her independence which led the government to introduce the Casino Taxation Act of 1965 . A lot of other types of gambling came into existence after, with the likes of lottery, pools, promo, casino slots and sports-betting. There have been a lot of developmental faces of the gambling industry in Nigeria which has made sports-betting predominately the fastest in growth compared to where we were coming from. This