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Retail Sports betting is not Dead

  What's up, professionals! Obviously, times are hard right now. That’s why it’s important now, more than ever, for us to empathize with one another and stay positive. Nothing good comes from dwelling--if anything, it often leads to unhappiness and anger. While Covid is giving retail sports betting a run for its money, Retail IS NOT dead, as showcased by recent data from Nigeria's top gaming companies. In fact sales in shops are back to pre-covid figures. Of course, similar to many other verticals, There are many ways that retail businesses can improve and become part of the move online. Some ways include data-driven decision-making, customer-centric brand efforts, omnichannel growth strategies, timely operational processes and unconventional creativity, to name a few. How about growing your online channel via retail? Let your agents get a cut of the pie by onboarding online users for you, therefore, serving as an affiliate.  Your agent shops can also be the point of deposit, s
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Opinion: clamp-down on underage gambling and the entrance of a new betting company In Nigeria

  A lot of people don't know what is happening day to day in the Nigerian gaming scene and I think it's time someone starts to talk about it.  As the name implies, this is my opinion,  I also understand my position as a thought leader, so I will be as factual as possible in my excerpt.  So please let me know in the comment section, what you would want me to add or remove in my next weekend post. Lottery Commission To Clampdown On Underage, Remote Gaming:  There was a webinar last week, the focus of the webinar was to educate stakeholders of the stand of the NLRC (National lottery regulation commission) in regards to under-age Gambling. Emphasis was made on compliance, and also operators were made aware of the punishment involved if caught going against the ethical standard.   I think its a good development and something to take seriously before it becomes a serious issue.  Obviously, the first step to take is to talk about it, educate the stakeholders then run a campaign on nat

3 key things that helped me grow In life

When I looked back at my journey both in my social life and my work life, a.k.a cooperate journey. Which started roughly nine years ago.  Allow me some bragging rights. I have done amazingly well in the Nigerian gaming industry and have the top 2 companies in the Nigerian sports betting industry to show. I am in the process of helping to build the third one.  I think of 3 things that have helped me to become a pacesetter in my chosen Industry:  1. Good relationship:  I try as much as possible to have the right relationship with everyone, and the best way to keep a good relationship with people is to think more about them than yourself. So this means I give, give, give, then ask, not take.   When I'm on the deal table, I think more about how we can both derive value from the deal, not only about myself. Lots of professionals are doing business the wrong way, for example, when people add you on Linkedin, next day what they are doing is pushing a generic sales conte

Step to getting that new idea for your next business

A lot of people ask me, how can they start a successful business with little or no money..and my answer is always the same "I don't know" I think the intent matters a lot. Why are you starting a business? to get rich quick? to provide value then make money in the long run? to solve a problem? Once you can answer that question, the right business idea will come to your mind. That's the first aspect of starting a business, once that is out of the equation, the next step is to test the hypothesis of your Idea. The best way to test your business idea is to put yourself in your customer's place, and everything will become more apparent. I'm quite knowledgable about the gaming industry because I have participated in every area of the industry. Now I'm an operator, as you can see, the only luck I have is being alive. To be sincere, I hate the world ''Luck'' it cheapens a lot of hard work. It has been a gradual process, no shortcut. I

Value before Money because Money will always come

Super grateful and happy for the opportunity to be here. In this era of the internet with so much opportunity around us. I honestly I think the reason why a lot of people are not happy is because, all they care about is money. Money is numbers and numbers never end, if it takes money for you to be happy, your search for happiness will never end. Listen I like money, please don’t get me wrong. I understand what money can do. But above all, I’m an operator of several businesses not only because I will make money but because I love running businesses and I like providing value, I love how people react to products. I live for people’s admiration when they see value my product or business gives. The money will come, it always does but the first thing is to provide value. When you provide tons of value ahead in business, a lot of people will think you are stupid, what they don't know is that you are building a rep as someone who always gives more than he is asking. Word will go arou

Promoting your small business on Facebook

A lot of people struggle with promoting their small business. What I have been able to do for Micserah  which is my ''direct to consumer'' wristwatch brand, and has gotten us to the stage where are we are right now is that I always go for underpriced attention, spend on appropriately priced attention and totally ignore overpriced attention. I use the same logic in building my personal brand. Facebook and Instagram have massively underpriced attention right now. And I'm pleading to you this morning to take advantage of it before it becomes like television commercials or billboard Ads and become overpriced. Before we go into details of how to use Facebook or Instagram to promote your business, I want you to go to google and type on search ''how to create Instagram ads'' and '' how to create facebook ads'' You can then spend as much as needed to consume the content before going ahead