Promoting your small business on Facebook

A lot of people struggle with promoting their small business.

What I have been able to do for Micserah which is my ''direct to consumer'' wristwatch brand, and has gotten us to the stage where are we are right now is that I always go for underpriced attention, spend on appropriately priced attention and totally ignore overpriced attention.

I use the same logic in building my personal brand.

Facebook and Instagram have massively underpriced attention right now. And I'm pleading to you this morning to take advantage of it before it becomes like television commercials or billboard Ads and become overpriced.

How to win in life: Give more than you asked for

A lot of people don't know the power of giving without expectation. I am amazed at how much people are losing because they do not know how to use this superpower.

Please allow me to explain.

Before I get deep into this article, I would like to create clarity and context, so no tone is lost in regards to my POVs on Giving and asking in return.

When you give without asking for anything return, good things do happen might not be immediate but soon.

This applies to any part of life, be it a relationship, family, Job, philanthropic work etc. It simply means going out of your way genuinely to help the other person.

I have used the approach all my life, in Business and relationship, and it has continued to be a great strategy that keeps me going. Karma is practical

In this era that no one wants to do anything for free, create a different path for yourself by giving more than you are asking in return.

An example is A brand influencer offering to promote a brand for free for the first tim…

My facebook note from 2012

In 2012 I wrote a note on Facebook on how I would like to live the next year, and recently someone liked the post, and it brought back memories of how I have always planned ahead both in the micro and macro. I am still of the opinion of proper planning, especially when it comes to a life journey. I like to plan for the short term and in the long run. A lot of people want to win small now, I  don't mind delaying my winnings for a bigger one in the future. I believe in 90mins more than the first 45 mins.
This post was divided in to for areas of my life and how I intend to live the next year in those areas which are health, personality, community and life.

I wanted to share these tips with you because I think it's still perfect for the present moment and I hope it brings some value to you.
Ps: I did a bit of editing as the English, I used in 2012 is long outdated :)

1. In 2013 I will always Drink plenty of water.  2. I will eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a …

What you should know about selling in 2019

So, I happen to know a few things about selling, especially in the gaming business. If you would allow me one bragging moment, I have been head of products for a betting company and grew that products to billions of naira in sales, I also started another company from scratch, even though I'm no longer there, I created a platform and enough clout for them to grow. All of which is out there to see and has brought me accolades from all over the world. Okay, bragging done. I just wanted you to know that the advice I have is solid and real. There are numbers to prove it. 
Whether you think I'm an entrepreneur a.k.a business person, a CEO, an innovator, a top gaming professional, if you refer to me as any of those titles, you are right. On any day, I fit any of those titles, but deep down in me, I consider myself to be nothing but a salesman. 
As a businessman, I'm selling every day. Showing people why they should buy what im selling instead of forcing them to buy what im selli…

What african betting companies should learn from FA, FAI Decision on sport sponsorship

No one knows the exact day, but I can tell you this for sure:
The African gaming industry is going to get well regulated. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next year, but we’re not going to live the rest of our lives in a nearly Free market.
Last week, I got the opportunity to speak at ICE in London which is the biggest gaming conference in the world, In one of the talks, we had a discussion about the FAI and FA's decision to cancel sports betting sponsorship deals with sport betting companies.
And after the event, I started thinking about the effect of this decision and where it could lead to and as African operators what we can possibly learn from this.  
A lot of decisions are being made around the world against the gaming industry, The FA, FAI, the Italian Gaming board suspends all betting advertisement on TV, Print, signage, board, and jerseys. Its a total shut down.
It's now harder for European sport betting companies to operate and advertise than ever.
How did it get here? what d…