Building a personal Brand part 1

I'm Humbled and highly appreciative of the opportunity I had to speak at SIGMA Conference, which is the biggest gaming conference in Europe. this is the third conferences I will be speaking at this year. I can not lie, it wrapped up a very difficult and fun year for me. And the year is not over yet!

I just hope in One way or the other my story is motivating a lot of young guys out there not to be afraid to give up good for better. And to never compromise on their life goals or dreams.

As Many of you know, I spent most of my time talking hardwork, persistence, humility, self-awareness and this has helped me to build a personal brand that is very strong in the Nigerian Gaming scene. I think what has really help me to get to where I am is that im actually aware of my strength and likewise my vulnerability. I embrace my problem and keep moving forward no matter the condition or setback I have or going through.

The Most Important thing people don't talk a lot in Nigeria is personal…

Choosing the right sports betting platform for the Nigerian Market

Look I understand, starting a successful sports betting company is a difficult and long process. But, in an effort to provide you guys with as much value as possible, I’m going to help speed up that process and show you how you can do it. I realized there is no content on the internet that is actually talking about this in details when it comes to Nigeria and the African market and So I have decided to create this Blog post to help empower and potentially completely shift the way investors, Ceos and Directors of a soon to be launched sports betting company think.
There are so many people fronting in conferences, seminars these days acting like they ’re thought leaders in this business So I can understand if finding the right person to lead a company to succeed can be an issue. That’s why these below few points are very important to check before you sign up that deal with a sportsbook provider.

1. Know the difference between a white label and a turnkey sportsbook software: A lot of peopl…

Heading to South Africa and Malta!

I'm Fired up!
In the past few months, I have had an Incredible time with the whole team at Micserah my watch brand.
I'm very happy with the new partnership we sealed with BamBam to create a Limited edition watch for her and her fans.
I was also fortunate, to be chosen as a part of a 10-Man list Editorial advisory board for a new gaming News website, This list has only me and Akin Alabi the owner of Niarabet out of all the operators in Nigeria on it.  This further Cemented my position in the industry as a Thought Leader.
In the midst of this euphoria, I'm super excited as I have two speaking engagement within the next 1 month.
I've got another week in Nigeria Before heading to South Africa for ICEAfrica where I will join a panel of Speakers from around Africa to speak on 'The move from retail to online in the African gaming industry'.
I remembered three years ago I did everything possible to attend ICE in London but was denied Visa in 2015 …

I want to be happy, not cool

Listen hustle nation! If I can just take the energy in my heart right now and deploy it into people’s brains to understand how much time everyone has left, how good we have it right now in spite of the economic and bad leadership situation in Nigeria maybe just maybe everyone will be willing to do their thing their own way..That’s what I want to do with this little piece of content.
What I meant by saying that, all I want to do or ever want to do is to be happy, not minding what that means to the other person or you reading this. See I'm leaving tons of money on the table every day for turning blind eyes to everything, every deal, every job offer that won't make me happy.  That's why I left I left the previous company I founded, that is also the reason I started a watch brand. I understand not everyone can take a risk like me. I understand and its completely fair.
A lot of you follow me every day and wonder how I can take risky decisions like the one I have taken in the last…

I'm starting a new gaming company and this is why

If by some means you haven’t already heard that I left the company I started with my then partner last year, this is me telling you I left betking 3 months ago! its unfortunate but lesson learned.

In my previous post, I talked a bit about why I left. 

If you want to start accomplishing your goals you need to understand that your reputation, a.k.a your “personal brand,” is what you trade from in your personal and professional life.

And you need to do everything you have to do to protect your integrity and brand even if it means risking everything for what you believed in.

As I take a moment to reflect and think about how my profile has expanded dramatically in the Nigeria gaming scene in the last few years.

. I have begun to see my audience and the attention that I have in the industry is getting huge and this did not just started yesterday but started a few years back. And the audience is shifting significantly from just agents and players to operators and product suppliers.

As I started to …

Running a sport betting business as an agent

If you want to learn how to sell, how to operate an agency shop, and how to get new customers, this article is for you. 
How to be successful in the nigerian gaming industry in 2018
Retail, Retail, Retail.
It’s something I don’t talk about enough, but it is absolutely the foundation of my career. I’m challenging myself to go deeper in 2018 because it is 1000% the bedrock of the sports betting business in Nigeria. And if you don’t understand that, you will lose.
When I thought about how I started in the gaming business, i.e running more than 10 shops, becoming a super agent then master agent while managing the biggest virtual products in the history of the country and now starting my own company, whatever the “transaction” is, I always break down my strategy into right Products, sales, support, and marketing. Obviously, and for anyone reading this, you know that I spend an enormous amount of time talking about running a company, the importance of branding, awareness and gathering attention…

4 principles that guide me on life decisions

If there is something that I have learned over the years, is not give a damn about anyone else’s opinion, I can’t let myself get caught up in what my friends have, friends, boss or brother does with his or her “success.” Envy is the major enemy and once you let go of everything outside of your control, you can finally focus on your own game and “get yours.”
Whether you think I’m a snake oil salesman or one of the better entrepreneur of my generation. the truth is if there is one thing that has guided my interaction with people I have come in contact over the years, they are these for principles:  humility, hardwork, patience, and kindness for the other person. 
Kindness: I'm extremely empathetic about the other person in a conversation or business deal, I put myself in the other person's shoes to be able to judge the situation better. Like if someone didn't come through on his/her word, I will first think 1000 possible scenarios that are unintentional, like what if something…