3 key things that helped me grow In life

When I looked back at my journey both in my social life and my work life a.k.a cooperate journey. Which started roughly nine years ago. 

Allow me some bragging rights, I'm have done amazingly well in the Nigeria gaming industry, and I have the top companies in Nigeria sports betting industry to show for it and in the process of helping to build the third one. 

I think of 3 things that have helped me to become a pacesetter in my chosen Industry: 

1. Good relationship: I try much as possible to have the right relationship with everyone, and the best way to keep a good relationship with people is to think more about them than yourself. So this means, I give give give then ask not to take. 

When I'm on the deal table, I think more of how we can both derive value from the deal not only about myself. Lots of professionals are doing business the wrong way, for example, when people add you on Linkedin, next day what they are doing is pushing a generic sales content to you. 

I just don't reply to such emails anymore, what happened to get to know the person or what he wants first? 

2. Patience: I believe so much in the long term game, I'm not interested in getting rich as quick as possible because it's not realisable. Most people who want to get rich quick always end up cutting corners, and by cut cutting corners, you lose your values and self-worth along the way.

 I have been presented several times with opportunities to get rich quick, but clearly, I wasn't brought up that way, and till today I haven't regretted ever taken the high and long road.
Maybe because I have always known how to make money and I enjoyed the process of getting there than just cutting corners and suddenly getting rich. 

I honestly think its no fun and don't get me wrong, I'm doing exceptionally well as a person so don't start with the "Have you been there to talk about it" lecture.

I'm very convinced that you can become wealthy by doing the right thing, and I want to prove that by being one of the people that become wealthy by just be patient because being patient solve a lot of issues around trying to cut corners and a lot of other bad behaviour. 

Ultimately people are not patient because they want it fast, and if you want it quickly, you are going to be ready to do anything to make it happen.

My advice is to forget peer pressure or trying to impress anyone and think about what you want people to talk about you when you are no longer around, what's going to be your legacy?. For me, I would love to be regarded as someone who gave more than he received.

3. Hard work: I sincerely believe that the only thing we all have in common is the work ethic, How much time and dedication we plan to put in anything determines everything. I have never seen anyone who got wealthy without putting an insanely amount of hardwork and a bit smartness. 

And I believe we all have an equal amount of hard work, I mean you could have more connection than me, have wealthier families or parents or attended a better school than me, I believe if I work really hard in a smart way I can outsmart anyone in my chosen field. 

People are not just willing to put in the work because most times, good things take time, and most people are not just patient.

If you want to be among the 1%, if you're going to achieve something huge and become of one the wealthiest people in the world, it should be hard. Don't you think so? There are billions of people working toward the same goal.

In conclusion, I love building relationships, and in the process, I'm very patient and hardworking. I know anything I want is possible, but it will take time so to stay happy I try as much as possible to enjoy the process of getting there.

How do I do that? I only do what I love If I'm not happy I leave. I can't stand not being happy or enjoy the process, It's sad to hear people say money bring happiness and that they prefer to cry in a Mercedes than Toyota. I respect their point of view, but I think they are really exposed and they can be easily manipulated in the wrong way, and I stay far from people like this. 

Money to me is an enabler and nothing more than that, and you can plan a life with no matter how little you and have until you have more than enough.

I have learnt to be comfortable in every situation. Life is Long!

Wishing you lots of love, happiness in good health! xo xo


  1. Nice guidelines....dishing from experience and I must say... weldone and keep pushing and enlightening your followers .

  2. Well said Kunle....If everyone take this route and shove aside cutting corners our society shall be better.

  3. God bless you. It's because of your zeal and Passion that made me become one of you agents, Betbonanza

  4. sir how can be a partner from the philippines. im here in manila philippines. what are the things im suppose to do because asians love gambling too much


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