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Why are most Nigerian graduates unemployable?

I'll tell you a story As told by uche metuh on Quora. There's this girl who aced all her subjects in secondary school. Not just acing but award-worthy educational success. She was so good that at her Junior Secondary 3 (JSS 3) level, she was solving mathematical problems from Senior Secondary 1 & 2 (SS 1 & 2) curriculum. 1st Mistake She loved Maths & computers but was admitted into the university to study Geology. Today, she still thinks she would have been a statistics wizard if she'd been allowed to just study Math or Engineering. You know - subjects where she doesn't have to always cram some qualitative garbage but provide quantitative solutions. 2nd Mistake When she got into the university, she realised she didn't have to study very hard. Very few people were bothering to anyway. She was brilliant & could hold her own, but it became  easier  to combine intellectual efforts with other students at assignments, tests & fin

Daily episode 14: meeting the new director of micserah models

It's no news that im an investor in the Nigeria fashion industry, I own and a fashion e-commerce company and a modeling agency. recently I made an attempt to make my modeling agency better, it's like starting all over again but i love it, there is no point doing something to me if am not one of the best or even the best! ..super interesting episode especially for anyone looking to break into the Nigeria modeling scene. please subscribe to my youtube channel

How to run a sport betting shop profitably

In the last 7 years, I have done everything that has to be done in the Nigeria gaming scene, I was an affiliate marketer with a network of more than 200k players in 2011(biggest till today), I was the first employee at bet9ja, I used to own a network of betting shops and also a master agent (before I started my own company). so when we launched a few weeks ago everyone who knew me know it's going to succeed. But the truth is, I co-founded this company because of the entrepreneurial attitude of Nigerians, of the youth, the opportunity we are bringing in to them and their passion to own their own businesses. while at my previous company I was very happy to see us made a lot of people millionaires. I love creating business opportunities for people and with this ever growing industry and my experience I want to create more businesses for people. if we have 5,000 agents in 2018, an average shop will have 3 cashiers each earning basic wages from which they will also ta