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Things i wanted to achieve before i became 30 !

 When i was 27...i wrote down a note of the things i would love to do before i am 30 well i think i have achieved 90 percent of what i wrote down so i decided to share what i had written now when i am 30 its interesting .lol i checked the one i achieved and wrote a note about the one i was  unable to achieve Enjoy The things to accomplish during my 20s to fulfill a few requirements: i believe in Doing my  youth when im  young. There's nothing more embarrassing than some 50-year-old with his thinning gray hair pulled into a punk or gallas trying to re-live his i want to Get it out of my system now. No regrets. If i do the silly stuff when im young, then later i won't regret what i might have missed. Good stories. Have some good times now, so i can regale my children with tales of my crazy youth. Growing up. The point of my 20s is to reach my 30s -- and

Happy birthday to me : ADEKUNLE

How is your week going ? It's my birthday today. I'm 30 and I'm thankful for the grace of life and im happy about what i have achieved at 30 years of age and i m full OF hope for i know its the beginning of good things in my life. Wanna drop a birthday message?

David Moyes sacked !!!!

Official : Manchester United have parted company with David Moyes as the manager had failed to deliver the required results and reportedly  a training ground bust up before the Bayern Munich Clash. Manchester United have officially parted ways with David Moyes before the crucial Champions League clash against Bayern Munich after a reported bust up with some of the senior players during the training. United who are the defending Champions have struggled under the new boss as the Red Devils have won only 16 of the 32 games played in the league and are languished seventh in the table with no hopes of the Champions league spot. There were reported incidents with Robin Van Persie being dissatisfied with the tactics and the training method and while further reports emerged  that Ryan Giggs also had a bust up with the manager after the derby loss to Manchester City at Old Trafford. . . . . Reports also say that this is an April Fool’s prank ( please check th