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Things i wanted to achieve before i became 30 !

 When i was 27...i wrote down a note of the things i would love to do before i am 30

well i think i have achieved 90 percent of what i wrote down
so i decided to share what i had written now when i am 30

its interesting .lol i checked the one i achieved and wrote a note about the one i was  unable to achieve


The things to accomplish during my 20s to fulfill a few requirements:

  • i believe in Doing my  youth when im  young. There's nothing more embarrassing than some 50-year-old with his thinning gray hair pulled into a punk or gallas trying to re-live his i want to Get it out of my system now.
  • No regrets. If i do the silly stuff when im young, then later i won't regret what i might have missed.
  • Good stories. Have some good times now, so i can regale my children with tales of my crazy youth.
  • Growing up. The point of my 20s is to reach my 30s -- and by then, people will really be expecting me to act like a grown-up. So, maybe you ll try some out yourself if you are not yet                                             

 i can be hip when im older -- it's just a different kind of hip. i know i'll understand when i get there.

i would love to do all this for the fun of it!!!!!!

1. Drive a wickedly cool car, even if you have to rent it. "Wickedly cool" is defined as any car that turns heads on the streets. They say life is a journey and you should enjoy the ride. Well, if that's the case, i might as well ride in style at least once. The best I ever did was a 6-year-old dad's lite hiace...that car taught me how to drive,, but hey, I was riding in style in my home town and that was 8 years ago. ✔

2. Date against type. Better yet, date somebody "dangerous." Waking up tied to a bed with a person who has more tattoos than brains will give you stories to regale other members of the old-age grannies like me then how i live my youth. Also, dating "dangerous" types will make me realize what jerks they are -- and make me less likely to pass up a lifelong love affair with someone im not really compatible with.well im thinking bout doing that or may be i already did .lol, then i would love to date someone my mother would like. What the heck, she might be right. i think right now i am dating someone my mum love ! ✔

Similarly, I would love dating someone much older than me.  I actually came pretty close twice. I learned a bit about mature relationships, appreciated someone with life experience ... and got to go to more-expensive restaurants! lol ✔

3. See the world. It's much easier to do when im 27 and footloose than 35 with a woman and kids. Even if i  never leave  nigeria, i'll see a good portion of the planet. Go cheap and travel light. This leaves me open to more adventures. Youth hostels are inexpensive and, even better, i'll meet tons of other adventurers there.
Seeing the world will broaden my horizons and make me a more interesting person. Plus interesting and funny things happen when you travel -- and remember, my 20s are my time to live the stories that i'll be telling for the rest of my life. ✔
. I would love to  do volunteer work at a National Park or any public place,i would to visit the the national library  and a chance to meet wole soyinka, sleep in my car at a highway rest area. I would love to have fond memories

4. Live in a cool place. Maybe a loft in a trendy neighborhood "in transition,"a van or one-bedroom apartment, and with no air condition .i know Comfort isn't quite as important in my 20s as later –-i want to take advantage of that fact.✔

5. If you're going to drink a lot, do it when you're young. Getting sick on cheap white wine after 30 is pretty pathetic i will neva want to do it. Young drunks sometimes get away with being "cute," though i may still have a lot of apologizing to going to Get this experimentation out of my system and i know i'll appreciate finer spirits when i get older.i think i ve achieved this a lot of times✔

6. Take risks with your job. I've noticed that most people end up changing direction in their careers after their 20s anyway, so, i l ll take the time to figure out what i want to do. There will be time enough to be a cubicle drone later.
i am Aimin for the career i've dreamed of doing. If i  have a chance to be a programmer ,i ll go for it for fun.may be Get the job in the big city. Volunteer to work on the big project that could make or break the company. Start up a smoothie business with my college buddy.i would love it or build that great website i ve always dream about ✔

7. Do something physically adventurous. And do it OUTSIDE!  No one will ever be remembered for playing Nintendo or watching every single episode of "anita and Friends."i want Enjoy my body while im  young, push it to its limits -– ✔

8. Take your parents to dinner. i'll probably have to struggle with my dad about paying the bill, but this is one of those grown-up things to do. It gives me a chance to show my parents that im an equal and that im also responsible. It's also a chance to show my appreciation for all those things  they do and  bought over the years. ✔ (not a restaurant though but i did it in another way thats more cooler)

9. Do volunteer work. i may be broke, but i can give my sweat and earnestness to a cause in which i believe. In addition to improving my world, i can allow myself to be exposed to others in the world. Work in a soup kitchen and i'll appreciate my un-air-conditioned, one-bedroom apartment full of guys.i think i ve achieved this in my ond days in offa poly ✔

10. Use this decade to go to extremes. i want  Climb the tallest mountain i can find. Picnic at midnight. Learn to sail. Talk to strangers. Road trip to different states like the calabar canival.maybe Take a midnight drive to the beach -– then stick around for dawn.have sex with threesome or twosome....get married,honeymoon in a nice country abroad,have kids,(not achieved before im 30..   oh threesome ? that one i achieved in far away kaduna :D :P.)

Sounds like my 20s will be pretty fun.i think i have achieved some and some i would still love to achieve

But don't think this means the rest of my life will be a drag. My point is to take advantage of what i have: energy, idealism, enthusiasm, a willingness to experiment, a lack of encumbrances, a desire to learn and grow.

Enjoy your 20s -- and you'll be better able to appreciate the next stage.

do i look weird?lol


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