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Opinion: clamp-down on underage gambling and the entrance of a new betting company In Nigeria

  A lot of people don't know what is happening day to day in the Nigerian gaming scene and I think it's time someone starts to talk about it.  As the name implies, this is my opinion,  I also understand my position as a thought leader, so I will be as factual as possible in my excerpt.  So please let me know in the comment section, what you would want me to add or remove in my next weekend post. Lottery Commission To Clampdown On Underage, Remote Gaming:  There was a webinar last week, the focus of the webinar was to educate stakeholders of the stand of the NLRC (National lottery regulation commission) in regards to under-age Gambling. Emphasis was made on compliance, and also operators were made aware of the punishment involved if caught going against the ethical standard.   I think its a good development and something to take seriously before it becomes a serious issue.  Obviously, the first step to take is to talk about it, educate the stakeholders then run a campaign on nat

3 key things that helped me grow In life

When I looked back at my journey both in my social life and my work life, a.k.a cooperate journey. Which started roughly nine years ago.  Allow me some bragging rights. I have done amazingly well in the Nigerian gaming industry and have the top 2 companies in the Nigerian sports betting industry to show. I am in the process of helping to build the third one.  I think of 3 things that have helped me to become a pacesetter in my chosen Industry:  1. Good relationship:  I try as much as possible to have the right relationship with everyone, and the best way to keep a good relationship with people is to think more about them than yourself. So this means I give, give, give, then ask, not take.   When I'm on the deal table, I think more about how we can both derive value from the deal, not only about myself. Lots of professionals are doing business the wrong way, for example, when people add you on Linkedin, next day what they are doing is pushing a generic sales conte