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who is an entrepreneur ? Are you one ?

I have always been an entrepreneur.In 2006, I started a phone repair shop while I was still studying for my OND.In 2008, During my one year Industrial training, I took the risk, went through the motions of uncertainty and stress, quit my job and started a phone repair shop by the roadside in Ajah lagos state, from the road I rented a shop by the express and from there due to Fashola’s demolition of building by the roadside I went back to working from a kiosk. and fortunately was ultimately accountable for my own success.Ask me what I do for a living, however, and I won’t tell you I am an entrepreneur. I would say I am “a phone repair engineer”.Ask Me about being my own boss and I ‘d say, “When you have your own business, you’re not the boss. You’re an employee.”Not until the last couple of years that I get to understand that I am definitely an entrepreneur, at least according to the definition I get from a quick Google search:An entrepreneur is a starter. An entrepreneur is an initiat…