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2 things to do to get where and what you want in life

I honestly don't care or give a fuck what anyone has, Im focusing on my own thing, maybe because I have a path, a direction of who I want to be, or how I want things to work out and this has put me in a place where everything just looks easy. MAYBE! I just feel that like me everyone should focus on their thing, on their own happiness and stop looking at how successful their friends or another member of their family is. Like be happy for them but don't give a fuck!  If my friend bought a new car, I will call him and say congrats and wish him well, after the call I go right back to what I was doing because I'm focused, I know who I want to be, and how I plan to do it. You need to be you, Do you period! This blog post is very important to  20 to 28 years old millennials that are just starting up and got caught up in the noise of complaining, everyone is complaining about the government, about lack of opportunities and if you look at the other side of the complainants,

I choose to create value not a new product.

Listen, If there is anything I could wish on you, more than my work ethic, or my energy, or my charisma, it would be the mindset and perspective of how good life really is. That you are not the worst human being out there, this is coming from a man who just lost his company yesterday! I still believe that I have a life better than a lot of people out there. See, as I continue to navigate the business path and the road to achieving my life goals. looking back at my life from where I started and how I started. I can remember vividly that it was 2002, I was first introduced to the internet by my junior brother wunmi. And I was like 'wow what is this thing? ' I immediately start to think how big this thing can get or will get, at that moment on the spot, I made a pact with myself to get the best out of this thing that can connect me to the world wide web. I create my first email ( not proud of the email anymore hahaha). I started to visit the cyber cafe

Sadly...I quit Betking

Life is a rollercoaster, one day you are getting an award another day you are quitting a company you built.  I’m going to tell you honestly that there is nothing I value more than my legacy and my legacy is my happiness and I cannot negotiate that for anything. It’s because I fear something so much. I fear so much what people will think of me when I'm gone, and I want those words to be positive, to be that I innovated, that I did something different. I want to sleep every night and be happy that I have contributed to the growth of the average Nigerians, this gaming industry and the economy of this country. Nothing more!  I am so concerned about my contribution to the world that I sometimes can't sleep at night. I just want to continue to create, to innovate, to do good and also be happy not minding what that means to the general belief of people. It is disproportionately the most important thing in the world to me that it just makes everything else so easy. The tho