I choose to create value not a new product.

Listen, If there is anything I could wish on you, more than my work ethic, or my energy, or my charisma, it would be the mindset and perspective of how good life really is. That you are not the worst human being out there, this is coming from a man who just lost his company yesterday! I still believe that I have a life better than a lot of people out there.
See, as I continue to navigate the business path and the road to achieving my life goals. looking back at my life from where I started and how I started.
I can remember vividly that it was 2002, I was first introduced to the internet by my junior brother wunmi. And I was like 'wow what is this thing? ' I immediately start to think how big this thing can get or will get, at that moment on the spot, I made a pact with myself to get the best out of this thing that can connect me to the world wide web. I create my first email efeezy2020@yahoo.com ( not proud of the email anymore hahaha).
I started to visit the cyber cafe more, twice monthly because it's expensive to go on the internet then, you cant even afford it at home, I later increased my visit to weekly, every Friday night to Saturday morning because of that's cheaper.
what do you think im looking for? ways to start something online? what are people outside the country using the internet for ? how can I be the part of innovation in Nigeria, How can I help people? You see? I was not thinking about money.
I'm always trying to use the internet as a marketing strategy in everything I do. And my strategy is to always try to help people because my dad told me that good things always happen when you help people.
Doing good is always a good strategy
when I was running a phone repair shop in school, I used the internet to create awareness for my repair shop, tried my hands at blogging, gave tips to people on how to take care of their phone better, how they can use the internet for free. you will think that I won't get any more customer because I'm giving all my ideas away for free... Wrong! they trusted me more and refer more of their friends to me. my amateur blog> (www.kunlextech.tl).
With the help of success digest magazine in 2004, I came across the word 'niche' and I immediately start to look at what I can do.
I took the first leap by creating the first lottery page on Facebook in Nigeria, which grew to the biggest gambling page on Facebook in Nigeria till date. I remembered making more than 10,000 dollars from lottery ebooks online with the help of my facebook page and my first website.
Please take note I didn't start selling to my followers from the first day that I launched the page and the website, in fact, I gave more free stuff than i sell, I spent over a year building relationship with my followers, giving free tips and ideas.
This is exactly what I did again at betking, I created time every Wednesday for seminars, to train would-be agents on how to run a betting shop. i wanted them to succeed from the first day, to teach them the pitfalls they need to avoid and how better to run a shop. it worked! we got more than 2000 agents in just 3 months after we launched.
What is the essence of all my story today, I'm trying to drill down into to your thoughts, I want to you find your rhythm, find that thing you are good at or better than anyone and figure out how to turn that to a business.
Even if you don't have anything at the top of your mind, you could easily create a product by asking 10 to 15 of your friends. you can ask them what is that thing they need right away but can't find easily around, if 5 of this 15 people say the same thing, then you have just gotten yourself a market and a product.
After that, let your main focus be on how to help these 5 people before thinking of making a profit from them.
Its high time brands and companies start treating customers better, when I say better, im saying companies now need to find a way to deliver more values to the customer than just selling products.
At Micserah, My watch brand. we are not interested in only selling our products to you, we also want you to be entertained, learn new things about watches, we give out periodic info about how you can wear your watch better, how you know the right strap that will look good on your wrist.
We even motivate our followers to go out there and achieve their dreams.
To end my story, if you are looking to achieve anything in this age, today, you need to embrace the internet and all the social media channels.
And you must be devoted to treating the customer better! Don't improve your product, improve your customer support.
Many of us are complaining and we don’t realize that this is the single greatest era to be alive in human history. It’s almost a non-debate.



  1. You words changes life of the youth daily... I'm also a part of the testimony.

  2. Kunle, you are an asset to your generation. This write up is awesome and I have learnt from it too. God will take you to greater height. Keep moving, keep achieving and stay blessed

  3. Kunle, you are an asset to your generation. This write up is awesome and I have learnt from it too. God will take you to greater height. Keep moving, keep achieving and stay blessed

  4. Ade you're indeed a role model

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