Sadly...I quit Betking

Life is a rollercoaster, one day you are getting an award another day you are quitting a company you built. 
I’m going to tell you honestly that there is nothing I value more than my legacy and my legacy is my happiness and I cannot negotiate that for anything.
It’s because I fear something so much.
I fear so much what people will think of me when I'm gone, and I want those words to be positive, to be that I innovated, that I did something different. I want to sleep every night and be happy that I have contributed to the growth of the average Nigerians, this gaming industry and the economy of this country. Nothing more! 
I am so concerned about my contribution to the world that I sometimes can't sleep at night. I just want to continue to create, to innovate, to do good and also be happy not minding what that means to the general belief of people. It is disproportionately the most important thing in the world to me that it just makes everything else so easy.
The thought of losing all of my money or my position means nothing to me, that's why I don't hesitate to leave a company if the ideas start to go against my legacy. You know why I don't care to lose it all ?  because I know I have the talent to rise back up. Money doesn’t mean anything to me. I want legacy, influence, and impact.
I thought that would go away when I co-founded betking in late 2017, and it has to some degree, but not really. I think that’s how it plays out in other people’s lives right? You’re scared to die? Scared to lose, scared to try? Not me.
That’s why I’m so in tune with my feelings. I’m all in. I dream of starting the biggest innovation hub in Africa, right in the heart of my hometown or having somebody say, “This is it. This was the guy. He was the best entrepreneur of his generation.”  Even with all the accolades, there is something, I fear the most, the health of my family, I cannot trade that for anything. I'm lucky to have had less death in my family but I lost my mom in 2016, that was a terrible blow on my person as no matter how bad the relationship between my mom and me, I cannot replace her, since that day, I have valued the relationship with my family very much and I have put them ahead of my priorities. #familyfirst
You only have one life. I live mine in the moment. I care deeply about every human interaction I have. In those meetings, I’m not thinking about business, or money, or success. I’m thinking about life. About what really matters. About the individual standing right in front of me. That is my vulnerability.                                          
There are definitely personal vulnerabilities that I have that I’m aware of, but guy, I am super not scared when it comes to business. I’ve been doing it my whole life. At Betking I learned a lot about friendship, partnership, loyalty, and trust. And I will be very careful with my future deals. I left Betking because there are things going on there that is at conflict with my legacy and when you notice people you trusted are not the people you should have trusted, you count your loss and move on. I understood that I can’t change the way the other person treats me at the moment. I can’t change their perception, or circumstance or what they had for breakfast that morning that has put them in a bad mood. So why let it bother me? I had to deployed understanding, empathy and compassion. But again I have to be me, and not be afraid to fail or re-strategize and starting all over again.
Maybe it’s my DNA, or the way I'm wired or that my parenting was so good that I believe I can do anything if I work hard at it. Confidence builds and reality set in. You lose your fear of not doing, not trying, not caring what other people think.
I wish betking and its people all the best.

But make no mistake, I'm coming back stronger and better. Back to this industry that I gave my all, that I help build to where it is today. It's my industry and I'm not giving up on it.
I will take some weeks vacation with my wife, and maybe a bit focus on my watch brand.
Just remember, sometimes trying to prove you are the best is an insult. 

I'm free again, I'm re-strategizing, starting all over again but this time I'm not going to make the same mistakes anymore.


  1. woow....some bold words up there.. Fear has been known to be the greatest limiting factor to man. Once its conquered...the major work has been done. I wish you nothing but the very best in your future endeavors.

  2. Wow.

    Your confidence is enviable.

    Just like you, I don't mind losing a job, position or title because I absolutely believe in myself and the things I'm capable of. I will always get or create something better.

    God bless your next move and I hope you come back stronger.


  3. This is touching... Wishing you all the best.

  4. King of virtuals I believe in you.

    God bless your new moves.

  5. well done. Remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Even though tears last for the night, joy will surely come in the morning.

  6. Eeeh my man ... God will still give u other position

  7. Hmm, well... wish you better place sir

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