Value before Money because Money will always come

Super grateful and happy for the opportunity to be here. In this era of the internet with so much opportunity around us. I honestly I think the reason why a lot of people are not happy is because, all they care about is money. Money is numbers and numbers never end, if it takes money for you to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.

Listen I like money, please don’t get me wrong. I understand what money can do. But above all, I’m an operator of several businesses not only because I will make money but because I love running businesses and I like providing value, I love how people react to products. I live for people’s admiration when they see value my product or business gives. The money will come, it always does but the first thing is to provide value.

When you provide tons of value ahead in business, a lot of people will think you are stupid, what they don't know is that you are building a rep as someone who always gives more than he is asking. Word will go around that you are the only everyone can trust and then money will follow naturally because you become too high in demand that you have to charge higher now to be able to keep up or slow than the order.

In the gaming industry, I have built a reliable brand, a legacy. I assume the words around is if Kunle is part of that betting business it will succeed, and everyone then wants to be part of that business. Its because people know me as a man that gives his all, They know I will provide more than I'm expecting because genuinely I really care and above all, I am a winner, and I equally wants everyone to win with me.

Like they say, Nothing in life is free. I left a lot of money on the table every day just to make sure I keep doing what makes me happy.

If that's not you, and all you want to do is make money and not care if you are delivering enough value to the next guy that's fine as long as it is legit.

Remember the saying, Nothing in life is FREE.

My main aim for this blog is for you to re-audit yourself and find what exactly makes you tick, you don't have all day, time is going. I want you to be happy and to not believe that money is everything because it isn't.

Working at a job you hate for the money will make you miserable in the long run than earning less at a job you really like. Not only that you will become efficient and you easily become one of the best if not the best at what you do.

I was lucky to know this at an early stage of my life, I have never done anything because of money, I do things because it makes me happy, if I make money from it, all well and good. whats money without genuine happiness. think about it.

Wishing you all the best in life

I'm so much happy and grateful that you are part of my  community, Thank you!


  1. May God almighty blessed you . forward forever in your life and in business.


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