Step to getting that new idea for your next business

A lot of people ask me, how can they start a successful business with little or no money..and my answer is always the same "I don't know" I think the intent matters a lot. Why are you starting a business? to get rich quick? to provide value then make money in the long run? to solve a problem?

Once you can answer that question, the right business idea will come to your mind.

That's the first aspect of starting a business, once that is out of the equation, the next step is to test the hypothesis of your Idea.

The best way to test your business idea is to put yourself in your customer's place, and everything will become more apparent.

I'm quite knowledgable about the gaming industry because I have participated in every area of the industry.

Now I'm an operator, as you can see, the only luck I have is being alive. To be sincere, I hate the world ''Luck'' it cheapens a lot of hard work. It has been a gradual process, no shortcut.

I know what the agents want, I know what the customers are looking for because I have once lived like them. That's why they say knowledge and experience is power.

Listen, it takes passion, a bit of talent and lots of hard work to succeed in anything.

I will suggest you spend some time learning more about the industry you are entering or the product you are about to launch.

And the best way to do that is to see yourself as someone consuming your product. Will you buy your product at the price you are selling and at that quality?

Think about it!

I wish you nothing but the best, in good health.  xoxo


  1. how can i have the manager number of Edo state. I need ticket I want to hopen shop

  2. Pls I watched you video on YouTube about betting shop, pls sir am interested, and I want to know like how much it requires to open a shop pls

  3. Thanks for sharing some words of wisdom and knowledge on going into a business.


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