Will lotto in Nigeria ever be any interesting ?

I have seen European Lottos online and also witness the passion and reward for the players 

I have seen different type of lotteries on display out there in Europe 6/45 7/49 5/50 it's rear u see only 5/90 with a company but in my dear country it's not the same 

The lotto companies are ripping us off everyday not only can't we play other types of lotto but we can't yet play online in this 21st century !!! 

We all have to go to the kiosk. We keep playing the one way we have been playing since inception.no fun no new new products or ideas. It's a pity 

You know what I want ? A new lotto company with new ideas that will shook the old timers up. Break the monopoly and let the lottery board knows that when you give monopoly power to some few people it kills idea and the game 

I pray this happens soon (amen) 

I am writing this from my iPhone, I hope it displays well. It's my first post through my mobile phone. If it goes well I might post more through my phone.


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