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I'm Grateful for 2018 and excited about 2019

As I look back on my journey in life especially in 2018 which was a very defining year for me, as a person and as a businessman a.ka. Entrepreneur.

Obviously, to me, life is pretty simple. There are things I can control and others I can’t. Everything boils down to my actions and my mindset and I have continuously refused to be caught up. There are moments of setbacks and moments of "wow I can't believe I did this''.

I can not but be grateful to a lot of people for their support both at home and abroad. 
Moments, when people expected me to stay down after i left betking, was the time I stood up and started to rebuild again.

I traveled the world, gave speeches at gaming conferences in lagos, South Africa, and Malta, visited Cyprus London, and holiday in Benin Republic.

I also founded the first Luxury watch brand in Nigeria micserah

Why didn't I let some people's opinion weigh me down? I understand people's opinion just don't matter. And that ''when you can't play on the field, you tend to boo from the stand''.

And I refuse to measure my happiness with position, Material wealth or money in the banks even though im doing very well in all aspect.

I'm fired up for 2019, It's going to start off with a bang ... with a lot of new announcements for my gaming company 9jawin and my watch brand Micserah ;)
But for now, here are a couple: 

-I have got a lot in the works for the gaming industry which I believe will disrupt the industry again just the way I did last year. I think it's time for companies that don't have a long-term plan to be ready for a big competition as I plan to change the game once again. I have pushed the launch of 9jawin a bit further to implement few changes to the software, I'm really inspired with calls, sign-ups, and emails we have received so far from prospects waiting on the launch its safe to say we have more than 2,000 agents waiting for the launch.

-My luxury watch brand micserah is growing at a good rate and I'm very happy with the work my team is doing with content creation and distribution.

-Interesting things are happening right now, Because I have built a social/digital machine around my watch brand that creates video, images for social media channels natively, we have started to get recommendation and jobs from small and medium-sized businesses in the country, so this year I started a social media agency that creates contents and distributes contents for my businesses and other SMEs who are interested in our services. with what I have seen so far, the truth is, kindness is the ultimate strength in not just business, but in life.

-I will be on my way to London on Feb. for the ICE gaming conference, where I will be speaking at two round tables discussion, discussing the following topics "Trust is a two-way street: Preventing fraud while optimizing the consumer experience" and "Replacing sports sponsorship: How will reputational issues affect the sports - gambling relationship?"

If I've brought any value to you ever, it would mean the world to me if you could support my watch brand "MICSERAH" by buying a watch if you are in the market for a new one ... it's been a lifelong dream for me to start this company! Check it out here.

Wishing you guys tremendous happiness and health!

Thank you for your attention!


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