How to win in life: Give more than you asked for

A lot of people don't know the power of giving without expectation. I am amazed at how much people are losing because they do not know how to use this superpower.

Please allow me to explain.

Before I get deep into this article, I would like to create clarity and context, so no tone is lost in regards to my POVs on Giving and asking in return.

When you give without asking for anything return, good things do happen might not be immediate but soon.

This applies to any part of life, be it a relationship, family, Job, philanthropic work etc. It simply means going out of your way genuinely to help the other person.

I have used the approach all my life, in Business and relationship, and it has continued to be a great strategy that keeps me going. Karma is practical

In this era that no one wants to do anything for free, create a different path for yourself by giving more than you are asking in return.

An example is A brand influencer offering to promote a brand for free for the first time with the hope of the brand doing more collaboration with him/her that would lead to financial gain in the future.

A graphic designer giving an idea to a brand on what is missing in their logo or website and offering to send a guideline for free to them without expecting to get a job offer tomorrow.

A graduate actually taking his/her time to look at the needs of a business, providing a solution even if he/she is not going to get the job.

I use this same strategy to get my first employment. I used this same strategy when I founded my watch brand micserah, we were creating a lot ''how to'' videos to help people who own watches to take care of their watches, it doesn't matter if its micserah or another brand. We just want you to take care of your watch. And hopefully soon, when you are in the market for a new watch you will remember micserah.

The same strategy when I started my sports betting company, every Wednesday, I hold a seminar for people who are interested in running a sports betting shop as an agent. Doesn't matter if you want to join my company or you are an existing agent of another betting company. All I want is for you to become a better agent, become a better businessman.

I hope that in future when you are considering switching company or a friend of yours wants to start his/her own shop, my company name will be mentioned or will get the referer.

The same thing I'm doing here, giving you tips that could help you change your mindset about giving; and not expecting anything in return from you. I hope that in future at the dining table when you are having breakfast with your kids, my name pops up, I will be described as someone who gave more than he asked for.

I wish you lots of happiness in Good health!

Thank you for your attention.


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