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Mario Balotelli’s Craziest Moments :

 Mario Balotelli’s Top Ten Funny Moments :

#10 £250,000 Strip Club Fine

In the Spring of 2012, ‘Super Mario’ was pictured leaving a strip club in Liverpool on the Friday before he was due to play Bolton on the Saturday for the Sky Blues. The Italian madman was subsequently fined two weeks wages by manager, Roberto Mancini – but I’m sure he’d still do it again!

#9  £25,000 Front Seat Money

One of my personal favorites: When Mario Balotelli was pulled over by a Manchester policeman in one of his many expensive sports cars and was found to have £25,000 sitting on his front seat in cash, the ex-Man City star was asked why he had that amount of money on him, to which he allegedly replied ‘because I can’ – only Balotelli!


#8 Bibliotelli

There is not a vast amount to say on this, as I’m sure the vast majority of football fans have already seen this. During his last season with The Citizens, Mario became a YouTube sensation once again following a video posted of him failing to get his training bib on during a warm-up before a game for the former Premier League champions. The fiasco only ended when a City coach came along to help him get it over his head. This happened not just once, but twice – a fantastic YouTube if you’re ever bored or need cheering up.

#7 Library Fines

A true act of kindness – or arrogance – from Super Mario this time. It is reported that the Italian World Cup star walked into John Rylands Library, which is owned by Manchester University and offered to pay off all overdue library book debts, to which the librarian politely declined – not his most ridiculous action by any means but still fairly outrageous from the maverick striker.

#6 School Bully

This one could really be higher up in the rankings if it weren’t for the next five to come. When signing an autograph for a young boy outside Manchester City’s Carrington training centre, he asked why the youngster was not at school, to which the boy replied: ‘because I am being bullied.’ Balotelli, naturally, saw an opportunity here, as he went into the school to confront the bully and speak to the headmaster to ensure it never happened again – safe to say, I’m sure it never happened again. Good job Mario!

#5 Homeless Man Donation

Yes, you are reading this correctly; Mario Balotelli did in fact give money to a homeless man! After a £25,000 victory at a Manchester casino, he then decided it would be a good idea to give £1,000 pounds of his lucrative winnings to a homeless man on the street – only a footballer, eh? Or just Balotelli?

#4 Darts At The Youth Team

One of his less generous stunts but another hilarious one, (no one was hurt). After a training session at the club’s Carrington training ground, he thought it to be a good idea to hurls darts in the direction of some member of the club’s youth team. Its safe to say City staff and club chiefs were less than impressed

#3 Why Always Me?

As I’m sure many of you will remember, Balotelli became the source of yet another temporary trend. After the ex-City striker scored against local rivals, Manchester United, he controversially lifted his shirt to reveal a t-shirt that read ‘Why Always Me?’ - isn’t it fairly obvious Mario? Either way, I think he was becoming a little fed up…


#2 Women’s Prison Raid

Crazy scenes from the striker, who even José Mourinho could not control, as he invaded a Brescia women’s prison with his brother, Enock. Italian police interrogated them for an hour and a half before releasing them and stated that the two brothers had seen the gate open and decided to drive their Mercedes in to check it out – they were apparently particularly intrigued, since it was a women’s prison


#1 Fireworks

In at number one - a hard one to top even for Mario is his firework saga, while still playing for Manchester City. Proven loose cannon, Balotelli, this time took it upon himself to get some fireworks and set them off in the bathroom of his £3 million rented home the night before a top-of-the-table clash with rivals Manchester United – absolutely priceless!


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