Why you should never give up !!!


Im sure you have a story....(maybe that can even make a best selling book) but seriously its not important because we all have story to tell

There is a lot of reason why you should never give up on life, on yourself because to be succesful in life you need to believe in yourself first then people may and i say may believe in you

i started rough like every average young kids out there the difference is that we are not really poor my dad is just that type of dad who wont give you the money that will be enough for you ! i used to blame him for everything but when i start to understand life and i realised that you can never be smart unless u have a bit of hardship (maybe im not right ) But in my case i got really smart because i tasted hardship i know how important  it is to survive..i want to succeed (the zeal) !

i started reading books, any online articles about invention ideas i even subscribed to weekly success digest and it really help me...(research)

i dont believe education is not important...because it is....i work in the computer sector of the economy and i read banking in school...surprised ? don't be(knowledge is important)

to cut the story short, i developed an idea, actualised it, got noticed and things change for Good

The idea is already given birth to another idea...i ve spent over 800k on a website im building (its an idea) and still im through but i believe it will work !

see good ideas always work out if you make effort enough !

people will discourage you,laugh at your ideas but when you succeed they will end up loving you :)

Thats life

please think and think and think !

there is a lot of power in thoughts

think about what you can do, what you can offer

for example i have a facebook page and lotto website for gamblers and i make money from ads and ebooks i sell...i sponsored half of my schooling with profit i make from online services i render...

learn something you like (passion) i am even of the believe that you can make the biggest money if you do what you like !

and i still have 8 to 5 job  (thabks to Kc gaming networks) which im also doing great with and love and im already working on an upgrade,  a super invention that i want to retire working with ...because its a dream idea (dream)

what im saying is you need to be successful because people dont think you can
you need to be successful and as early as possible
and when you are succeesful dont blow it away on party,girls and shayo (dont get me wrong, i love aiye too) but accurate fun is what i do 

you need to suprise them like i do

when i was young people look at me like i wont be successful  now look at me now

head of a department,own my won business up 100k comes in for me every week from my business

so please bro...think....you must not fail !

All the best !


  1. So many people have trodden on the same red laterite you are walking on but they have failed to reach their destinations. They surely have stories to tell but a heartbreaking one.Just keep working on how to improve on the structures you already have and never invest all your savings on a business that is yet to be tested by time


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