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Top Lottery Stories Of The Week !

Lottery Stories Of The Week

Ten City Workers Share A Million Dollar Win

Each member of the group now stand to receive $75,000 net of taxes.  And while their shares are too small to retire on, it represents a welcome bonus.
Members of the betting syndicate have different ideas about where they will spend their share.  One wants new windows for his home, others will pay off college loans, get their children fitted with braces, and a few want to vacation on a tropical island.
One of them is more thankful than the rest.  Carp had been in a bad accident and medical bills had been a burden.  But he says God saved him life and blessed him with the win to enable him to pay for medical care.

NC Woman Gets Birthday Lottery ‘Gift’

A North Carolina woman won a $200,000 jackpot while playing the lottery on her birthday.  The woman was understandably elated but says she will never be this lucky again.  She says she has bought her last lottery ticket.


Safety Trainer Wins $1000 A Week For Life

Shamus Harmon is a young man who tries his luck with the lottery. When he bought Win for Life, Mega Millions and Powerball tickets at the Fred Meyer on Market Street NE, he did not realize how one of those tickets will change his financial standing.  A $2 Win for Life instant ticket beat odds of 1 in 1,353,275 to hand him the top prize.
Harmon is set to receive $1000 a week for the rest of his life, equivalent to about $666 per week net of taxes.  And to celebrate his big win, he had dinner in one of the restaurants in town.
Now that he has that much money coming in regularly, he intends to pay off his home mortgage within the next five year.  After that he may consider a return trip to Australia.
The 34-year old safety trainer can retire on the stipend he is set to receive, but he has no plans to.  He sounds like a winner who is wise beyond his years.

Man Goes Back For Rejected Ticket, Wins $10M

What happens when a man rejects a $10 million winning ticket?  In the case of Lancaster man Jerry Kajfas, he went back for the $20 Win for Life Spectacular ticket and promptly scratched his way to a $10,000 a week for life stipend.

At the Depew One Stop on Broadway, where he buys cigars and his favorite instant lottery tickets, the clerk accidentally handed Jerry an extra $20 instant ticket.  Jerry returned the ticket and went outside to scratch the other tickets he had bought.  But when he won small amounts 7 times in a row, he decided to ride his lucky streak.  He went back to the store and asked for the same ticket he had earlier returned, and won big time.
Jerry had the ticket registered in his son’s name and has said he  and his wife will take 86% of the winnings.  The couple will net $300,000 per year after taxes, for the next nineteen years.  Their two children will each get a 7% share.

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