Faceless Man Gives Birth To A Healthy Normal Child


Mohammed Latif Khatana, the man from India who suffers a rare skin disorder, Neurofibromatosis – a condition that makes multiple flaps of skin to cover his entire face, thereby making him almost faceless, is over the moon not because his face will be restored but because his daughter has been born healthy and unmarked.

Latif’s joy stems from the fact that he and his wife, Salima, 25, who herself was born with just one foot, feared the child could inherit his condition. But alas! there apprehension soon gave way to joy as Ulfat, meaning ‘Love’ in Urdu, was born naturally at home, in Reasi district, on November 10 2012 weighing a healthy 5lbs 5oz.
Latif, 32, soon as he heard his daughter was born, held her in his arms and quickly checked her over for any visible marks. He said, “I was extremely worried about my baby’s facial features. When I saw that she was pretty and fine, it was a great relief. She has a beautiful face, just like an angel.”
Meanwhile Salif, who got married to Latif in August 2008, has revealed that he has been a wonderful husband and believes he will go on to make a great father.
She said: “No matter what Latif looks like, I love being married to him. I don’t regret one day as his wife. I like him just the way he is. His face is God’s wish, we can’t do much with it so we accept it and live our lives.
“But thankfully it was not the same wish for our daughter. Our prayers were answered and our baby is fine. We refuse to waste another minute worrying about it now. We will live our lives, happily.”