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Fegor Ogude: Fans' support will be important against Kenya

Fegor Ogude: Fans' support will be important against Kenya


How prepared are the Eagles for the task ahead on Saturday against Kenya's Harambee Stars?

We are preparing very hard and working with all we have got during the training sessions and we are assured of a big win on Saturday by the grace of God. We are doing our best because we know the game is very important for us and our countrymen. We are looking forward for the best as we strive to win against Kenya. We know it won't be easy but with God on our side, we are sure to excel.

Nigeria won the AFCON just a month ago. How has that added to your profile in your club and in your other endeavours?
We were worthy African champions. It was not an easy task at all in South Africa. Nobody believed in us that we could do it because of the way we started the competition. We got on better as the game came and we won in the final. It was an amazing feeling back home in my family and also in my club, Valerenga of Norway. I was carried shoulder high and I was on everybody's lips discussing the feat we achieved in South Africa. I thank God for that wonderful experience.
How much threat do you think the Kenyans can pose to the joy of the AFCON success in the game against them this Saturday?
To be frank with you, the victory in South Africa has increased our stake and it has become higher now. All the countries that see us as sleeping giants have come to realise that Nigeria has woken up. To answer your question, the Kenyans will not come to Nigeria for us to trample on them. They will come with the intention to shock us and put a stop to our AFCON celebration. But the Eagles know what is at stake as professionals and we know what to do during match time on Saturday. We know they come with all they have to play against us but we shall play with everything in our armoury too to ensure a win.

The media have speculated your intention to quit the Norwegian league for more recognised leagues in Europe. Is that true?
To be sincere with you, I have not granted any interview about my next move to any journalist. I am not bothered by what they write. What I will do is to concentrate on my game. By the way, I'm not expected to remain in Norway forever but for now I don't know anything about my future move. I am still a Valerenga player and that is what I still remain for the time being.
What is your word of advice to fans and supporters that will grace the World Cup encounter on Saturday?
I will enjoin them to give us their massive support and be patient with us too if the goals refuse to come on time. We as professionals will do our best to win but our fans should seek to support us throughout the course of the game.



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