Got a New Boyfriend? Learn How to Train Him in 8 Ways

Comparing men to animals is nothing derogatory. Even men know (and some of them proudly admit) that there are many animal-like traits in their personality.
At some stage of the relationship you share with your boyfriend, you will realize that he is giving you hard time through his actions and habits.
It is better to learn in advance some good techniques that can actually train him to be a well-behaved boyfriend.
Here are 8 interesting boyfriend training ideas you would love to try.
  • Silent Treatment
How would you react to a pet if it behaves badly? Giving silent treatment to pets makes them anxious and concerned. The same rule applies with men as well. Treat them with your silence if he was caught engaged in some undesirable activity. Such a behavior will not only make him realize his mistake, it will also teach you how to be strong and firm while dealing with his wrong doings.
  • Bait Him
If you wish to get a task done by your boyfriend, the perfect training tip is to bait and lure him. For instance, tell him that if he completes this task, he can go for weekend fun with his male friends. Needless to say, it is a tried and tested way of training pets like dogs. He will become habitual of expecting a good offer from your side, whenever there is a task to be completed.
  • Stop the Fun in the Middle
Men love to be engaged in playful activities with their women. You can use this fact as a weapon to train him as per your desires. Start acting naughty with him and take the fun to the extreme level. As soon as you find him extremely excited, stop the fun in the middle and ask him to complete a task first. He won’t mind and will take no time to follow your orders and get the fun resumed.
  • Appreciate His Good Deeds
Animals love to be appreciated and rewarded for their good actions and same is true about men. Few words of appreciation and some good rewards will keep them interested in doing all the jobs in the good way. Compliment him if he organizes his wardrobe or irons his clothes. With the desire to obtain your appreciation, your boyfriend will repeat his good actions.
  • Threaten for His Bad Habits
Animals sometimes need to be threatened and punished. Don’t mind acting the same way with your boyfriend if he behaves or acts badly. The best way is to deprive him from the intimate moments and lovemaking sessions. Another good idea would be to do something that he hates. He will remember this type of punishment before repeating the bad behavior again.
  • Recognize His Strengths and Weaknesses
Remember that every man has his own strengths and weaknesses. You really need to identify them and act accordingly. It is obvious that animals are trained according to their capabilities and inabilities. While training a man, you don’t need to push him beyond his level of acceptance.
  • Teach Him to Be Romantic
Not every man has the ability to act romantically. However, every man can be taught to be romantic by setting examples. For instance, you may arrange for a candlelight dinner for your boyfriend to let him know about your desires and expectations. He will definitely like to imitate the actions.
  • Train Yourself
Finally, you must train yourself which in turn will help you train your boyfriend. Stay away from the typical female traits like nagging and mothering. Don’t shout on him and never go beyond the limit of domination. Your body language while sorting out an issue should make him realize that you are trying to be cooperative. Another good idea is to ignore some of his bad behaviors. After all, he should preserve some of the characteristic masculine traits.
It is important to realize that you want him to be trained for the betterment of the relationship and not to make him compliant with your ego. Your boyfriend will approve of the training techniques, provided you act as a good trainer.