How to check all system configuration

There are different types of configuration on Computer System, like Graphics card memory, Ram, Hard disk, Processor etc. It is very helpful when you install any new hardware on your PC and some people don't know how to check system configuration. So here below we have added two simple methods to check all system configuration.

How To Check All System Configuration
 Method #1
  1. Click on start button and go to Run, then type msinfo32.exe 
  2. In new window your system configuration will be displayed
  3. Click on + button and choose Hardware Resources, Components, Software environment 

For some newbie Computer user method 1 is difficult to understand system configuration.

Method #2

CPU-Z is a free software, download it from here, after installation of this software it will automatically detect your system configuration and it will show your all PC configuration. 
How To Check All System Configuration
 Download CPU-Z