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How to Getting Traffic On Your Blog

Blogging, blogging and blogging. Nowadays everyone’s got a blog; everyone is taking part in one blogging activity or the other: posting articles, reading, commenting, sharing, etc.
But the big question is: Is everyone also getting the benfits of blogging? Ie., is everyone also making money or getting paid from blogging? The big answer is NO<.
‘Everyone’ knows that without traffic(visitors), a blog cannot be meanifuly monetized… Ehmm, unless you have something fishy in your cupboard. Afteral, who will buy the e-books? Who will view the ads.? Who will click the affliate banners? – The visitors of course.
Since they need traffic to get revenue on their blogs, many bloggers, in frustration take to the risky business of spamming, buying robot traffic and eventually clicking their own ads which is illegal and strictly not allowed by Adsense and other ad monetization programmes.
Where can I get traffic to my blog?; How to get blog traffic; Secrets of blogging; Getting traffic trick and so on are all questions asked by bloggers when in dieing need of blog traffic.

Here Are Few Ways To Get Traffic On Your Blog

1. Submit your blog to search engines

Search engines are the main source of traffic for most succesful blogs. Submit your blog to plenty of search engines so that your blog will be shown in search results. Apart from Google, there are other search engines like Yahoo! Search, Bing, Skweezer,,etc. Make sure your blog is indexed in major search engines.

2. Write interesting articles

Keep your readers at the edge of their seats each time they visit your blog by writing interesting and unpredicted articles. This way, you are indirectly telling them to rush back to your blog next time.

3. Article Directory Submission

Write and sumbit articles to popular article directories like and place a link back to your blog. Try to make use of ‘dofollow’ article directories to boost your blog’s SEO too.

4. Professional Design

Design your blog look as professional as you can. Most visitors rate websites by design. You don’t want your blog looking like it was designed by an elememtary school kid, do you? Websites and blogs which look professional are ‘authentic’ in the view of visitors.

5. Write Hot, On-demand Articles

Write what people are searching for at the moment. Write on the highly-sought-after topics to improve your chances of driving more traffic to your blog from searches.

6. Frequent Updates

Update your blog frequently. When you update your blog frequently, you have more chances of getting more and more visitors checking back. The visitors learn that you are updating your blog frequently, they try to determine your posting schedule and come back as soon as you post. Also, updating your blog directly improves your blog’s Alexa ranking among others.

7. Post, Comment In Popular Forums And Other Blogs

Write useful comments in blogs and forums where signatures are allowed. Use your blog’s link as your signature. For SEO look for blogs which allow dofollow links. Also find Comentluv blogs.

8. Pay Attention And Feedback To Readers

Always provide feedback to reader comments — questions and contributions. This will make your readers feel wanted and they will always come back to your blog when they know they expect to get answers to their questions.

9. Link or banner exchange

A couple of link exchanges will do no harm to your blog. Instead, you get improved Pagerank and Alexa ranking plus you get some extra hits from your exchange partners.

Social Network Syndication

Enjoy sharing your articles to social networks such as Facebook, Digg,Twitter and Myspace. Add share buttons to your blog posts to allow your readers share articles too.


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