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Plastic surgery horror: Woman’s breast implant FALLS OUT of her body (PHOTO)

Lauren Yardley of Coventry, UK, only wanted to look curvy. But she got a lot more than she bargained for, no thanks to a horrific breast implant gone wrong.
Yardley, 25, underwent surgery to boost her bust from a modest A cup to a voluptuous DD.
The trouble began two months after surgery, when her right breast swelled larger than her left and began to feel hard and painful.
She was told by doctors her body had rejected the implant -- a not-uncommon side effect she had been warned about. Yardley underwent surgery again to fix the implant, but the problem worsened -- to the point where her implant fell out of her body through the stitches in her breast.
Some capsular contracture, in which scar tissue shrinks around the implant, is common after breast enhancement surgery, but not to the extent Yardley experienced.
"I couldn’t believe it," Yardley told The Sun. "The doctors at the hospital said they had never seen anything like it — they couldn’t believe I was not in septic shock.


Lauren's implant was forced through her the surgery stitches in her skin after her body tissue tightened around it.

"When I booked the operation they told me it was common for the body to reject implants — but I had no idea this could happen."
Doctors could not reoperate immediately after the second surgery, leaving Yardley to spend a half-year with one small and one large breast.
"I feel very lucky — it could have been a lot worse. The most horrific thing was having only one breast for seven months. It was horrible," she said. "I felt really confident after having my implants, but I lost it all again when I was left with an uneven chest."
Yardley got her surgery because she felt she was was "always flat chested — I looked like a boy. I wanted to look more like a girl."
Her sister also had implants done the same day at the same clinic, but with no complications. Despite being a poster child for plastic surgery gone awry, Yardley says she'd do it again.
"People always ask me if I would have implants again after all I have been through, but I always say yes," she told The Sun. "I don’t regret it at all."


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