Prices Of UK (Fairly) Used Blackberry Mobile Phones In Nigeria.


Prices of UK used BlackBerry Mobile Phones. A list of Some UK used BlackBerry smart phone prices in Nigeria.
Also known as Fairly Used BB mobile phone.
I compiled this list just to make it easier for those of us who do ask or search for Blackberry smartphone prices with no result. I then made series reserch and finally came up with this Short List Of Fairly Used BlackBerry Phones Prices in Nigeria and i hope it will help you a lot.

Blackberry Phone Models and Prices as Follows:
Blackberry PlayBook N55,000.
Blackberry Torch 9800 touch and type N55,000.
Blackberry Curve2 N24,000.
Blackberry Curve3 N29,000.
Blackberry Stom2 N30,000.
Blackberry Pearl N9,000.
Blackberry Passion N8,000.
Blackberry Bold1 N22,000.
Blackberry Bold2 N37,000.
Blackberry Bold3 N30,000.
Blackberry Bold4 N42,000.
Blackberry Bold5 N74,000.
Blackberry Tour N22,000.
Blackberry Javlin N24,000.
The above is a compiled list of some fairly used blackberry phones also known as UK, London Used blackberry phones or Tokunbo Blackberry phones as some may call it.