Speeding fools crash 350 Million Naira Lamborghini hours after purchase

They just couldn't wait to get their baby home.
But a couple high from splashing out $220,000 about 350 Million Naira on a Lamborghini soon came crashing down to earth - when they smashed the supercar into a wall within hours of its purchase.
Cops found the car - with huge dents in its front-end and rear driver's side - abandoned on the side of a road in La Jolla, California, Monday night. Documents inside revealed the 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago had only been bought hours before from a dealership in Newport Beach, Orange County, reports KGTV 10 News.
A man and woman were reportedly seen fleeing the scene, adds LaJollaLight.com. Witnesses said they saw the vehicle speeding on Interstate 5, before it flew off the La Jolla Village Drive exit and crashed into a wall.
Police said there was no indication that the car had been stolen, but that they have not yet located its owners, and so it had been impounded.