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Two Most Famous Hackers who committed Suicide

Who is an Hacker?
A Computer adept someone who enjoys working with computer and testing the limits of  system an enthusiastic or fast programmer.

According to me, we can call hackers as Heroes of computer evolution , Hackers are who break computer security systems unlawfully.

Two Most Famous Hackers Who Committed Suicide
Jonathan James (12-12-83 to 18-5-2008)
Two Most Famous Hackers Who Committed Suicide

Jonathan Joseph James was an American black hat hacker. Jonathan James also known as "c0mrade" He was the first guy  America Government sent to prison for cyber crime activity. At the age of 15 years old [In 1999] Jonathan James hacked into Bellsouth and Miami-Dade school network. James also hacked NASA computers and downloaded source code worth 1.37 million [ Downloaded source code to know How the International Space Station is worked.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In 2000 James house raided by US local police, Jonathan James was sentenced 6 months house arrest and banned from using Computer.
On may 18th James Committed suicide, He wrote "I honestly, honestly had nothing to do with TJX" in his suicide note.
For more about James 
Aaron Swartz (8-11-1986 to 11-1-2013)

Two Most Famous Hackers Who Committed Suicide                                                                                                              
Aaron swartz was an American programmer and hacker, Co-founder of Reddit & Founder of RSS . At the age of 13 years old he  participated in ArsDigita [ArsDigita is event or competition on education, and creation of useful non commercial websites] and he won the ArsDigita prize. Aaron swartz  worked in W3C,  MarkDown and Wikipedia. In 2012 Aaron protested against SOPA

In 2011 Aaron was arrested by federal agent for stealing academic journals from JSTOR, before his suicide Aaron faced penalty of upto 35 years in prison. After he was released under $100,000 bail. 

On 1/11/2013 Aaron committed suicide by hanging
Source Wikipedia


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