Woman cuts off her cheating boyfriend's private parts and flushes it down the toilet

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Cheating men should take a lesson of what might happen during their sleep.

A woman who discovered that her boyfriend had been cheating cut off his private parts with a kitchen knife and flushed it down the toilet in his sleep, according to reports in the news media.

Julia Munoz Huaman, 41, confessed that she castrated her boyfriend Ramon Arias, 46, in a jealous rage.

The shocking incident at a resident’s hostel stunned the Brena Lima neighborhood where they lived. Security guards grabbed the woman and detained her as Arias complained of pain.

He was taken to a hospital and placed in intensive care, according to a report in the local newspaper.

He will likely need psychological treatment for several months or longer.

Julia Munoz Huaman, was charged with aggravated assault and faces many years in prison.