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HORROR: Wife stabbed Husband while he was asleep and pulled out his intestine

Hi admin,pliz post
elder brother whom i hv
bn living with and who is
my sole provider got
married to another woman
around six months ago
after his first wife past
away living him with a
three years old son.

At 1st the new woman was the ideal wife 
bringing back the once gone 
happiness in the
house.playing the loving
and caring wife and a
stepmother to my
brother's son.

The 1st four months were
perfect until she got want i
think she wanted.a church
One month after the
wedding was fine but after
that she turned to a kung
fu warrior and a beast.
She started mistreating my
nephew and wenever i
intervened she would tell
my brother that i was
being disrespectful and she
started turning my brother
against me.
Things turned crazier and
she would smtyms beat
me up but i never told my
brother in fear of being
thrown out of the house.
I later started seeing marks
on brothers face and frm
there i knew that we were
in danger and it was like
my brother was
bewitched.he never would
listen to any negative talk
about his wife.
I remember one day he
came late and after beating
him up she locked him out
for the whole night.
I tried to talk to my
brother but he wouldnt
talk about it.and he even
threatenned to throw me
out of the house if i
continued interfering with
his family.
I chose to shut up.
Now she did it again and
this time its much
worse.she found him
chatting with a lady
neighbour and she stabbed
him while he was asleep
and pulled out his
Now my brother is fighting
for his life in a hospital.and
and am fearing we might
loose him.

read more after the cut.....

Pliz guys pray for my
brother becoz i cant bear
to loose him bcoz he is all i
have and no where to
go.his son needs him too.
In jesus name we pray that
your brother will walk out
of that hospital well and
You will never be homeless
and the poor baby wont be
an orphan in jesus


  1. Why is this story lacked in substance and merely an exercise in literary exposition.No identification by way of context,location and personality.

  2. AMEN GOD ll' see your bro through this execiser .


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