MADDNESS: Man passed out while mailing himself to his girlfriend

Hu Seng, wanted to show his love to his girlfriend and surprise her with a special gift.

Seng who lives in Chongqing city, southern China, paid a courier firm to deliver a big box to his girlfriend, Li Wang, to the office where her friend was also in on the secret.

“What better gift than giving myself? So I decided to send myself by mail as a gift to her,” said Seng.

He got into a big box and had a friend seal the box, for a trip that should have taken only 30 minutes. Unfortunately the courier mixed up the address and the trip ended up taking three hours.

Meanwhile her friend at the office was anxiously waiting for the gift box to arrive. When the package finally arrived to his girlfriend, her excited friend were ready to record the surprise on video. When they opened the box everyone was horrified, as Seng had passed out in the box. They called emergency services and Seng was revived by paramedics. "I didn't realize that it would take so long, I tried to make a hole in the cardboard but it was too thick,” Seng said.

A spokesman for the courier firm said: "If he'd told us what he was doing we would not have taken the parcel. When we accept animals they have to be in special containers so they can breathe.