How To Be Pregnant And Still Sexy

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid feeling like a beached whale when you’re pregnant.
In fact, the last thing on most women’s minds (especially with all the discomforts that can come with pregnancy) is feeling sexy.
Following are some fun tips to help you do just that: be pregnant, sexy, and happy!

  • Wear mini-dresses. No matter how pregnant you are, wearing a minidress is sexy.
  • Purchase jeans a few sizes larger instead of pregnancy jeans. Pregnancy jeans are just going to make you feel heavy because they go up over your belly. However, buying jeans a few sizes up will make you feel sexier; just wear them so they fit beneath your belly.
  • Wear platform shoes that are a few inches higher all the way around. This will make it easier for you to balance (since your balance is off when you’re pregnant), it and will make your legs look longer too!
  • Continue to wax or shave. Just because you’re pregnant is no excuse to let all that hair grow in places you wouldn’t normally. If you did that, it would make you feel reallyunsexy.
  • Take a walk at least once a day. Walking daily will help to combat bloat. It will also help to keep you regular. There’s nothing that will kill a sexy feeling more than being constipated!