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Man runs crazy in Lagos, Stabbing people at sight

Hell was let loose recently in Lagos when a 30-year-old man identified as Kehinde Akinpelu ran amok, armed with a sharp knife, threatening to kill anybody at sight.  The incident which took place at Oloja area of Bariga in Lagos made people living in the street to scamper for safety in different directions.

Unfortunately, a 69-year-old woman, Titilayo Adekoya who lives at number 27 in that street could not escape before the man pounced on her and stabbed her severally.  It took the timely intervention of a team of policemen on patrol and agile neighbours to stop the man from severing her body into pieces.

The daughter of the victim, Adebimpe Adekoya, a nurse, told Crime Alert that her mother escaped being butchered by whiskers that fateful day.  According to her,  “I was seated with my mother at the corridor of our apartment around 12noon that fateful day, when all of a sudden, a man we later got to know as Kehinde Akinpelu, ran into the compound holding a sharp knife in one of his hands and shouting, ‘I will kill every body here today’.

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In confusion, everyone around scampered for safety and I joined them. But it was rather late for my aged mother who was tired as a result of the fasting she was about concluding.  The man caught up with her and before anyone could come to her aid, he pushed her to the floor and stabbed her at the back of her left hand.
He was about stabbing her further but for the timely intervention of some men in the neighborhood who quickly organized themselves and came to her rescue.  Otherwise,  it would have been a different story because from the way he held her to the floor,  he was actually bent on stabbing her to death.

The men caught up with him, held him down, and disarmed him; it was a big struggle for them but they managed to overpower him. Luckily, for us, some police men were patrolling the area, so we called their attention to the situation on ground. They came and the man was handed over to them, while Mama was rushed to a nearby clinic.”

Wondering what could be the motive behind Kehinde’s action that very day, Bimpe stated,  “that day was the first time I set my eyes on him, no member of this family knew him before then, my brother was also around that very day, none of us knew him before that day, so his actions left every one wondering.
It was after he was arrested that some members of his family went to the police station where he is being detained to plead for leniency in handling the case, saying that he is a marijuana addict and mentally deranged.

But the police told them to produce a medical  prove to that effect before their plea can be considered. Since then, they have not provided any.


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