Photo:Man crushed to death by telecoms mast in Lagos (Viewer discretion advised)

tragedy struck on Friday May 10, 2013 on the popular Marina Street in Lagos Island as a mast from a two storey building fell on a roadside trader on the street, killing him instantly.
The 52 years old victim who was identified as Adeolu Adeleke but popularly known as Baba Ibeji had gone to cover his wares to prevent them from being soaked in the rain but unfortunately was hit by the mast while returning to a shade.
One of the people who witnessed the incident and a very close friend of the deceased said Adeleke was warned not to enter the rain because of the strong wind but he refused. “I told him to forget about the goods since the wind was blowing strongly, but he said he would hurry down there quickly not knowing that he will not return,” he said.

Adeleke according to his colleagues in the area was described as a gentleman with the fear of God and who goes about his business quietly and diligently.

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