Woman Strípped Náked For Committing Adultéry (Photo

A married woman has been beaten and strípped unclád in public after she was caught sleeping with another man.
The question now is why is it that men hardly get the same treatment when they are caught sleeping with another woman?
Immediately a lady is caught cheating, without people hearing her reasons for such act, she is quickly been tagged as a prostitute, and called all sorts of diminishing names. And even sometimes just like this similar case, beaten and strípped uncld in public.
The other question is, what right does a normal human being have to judge another for their doings? Most people are so quick to pass judgement on others knowing fully well they have or will commit such crimes themselves.
Yet people are so quick to claim they are religious knowing fully well that their religion don’t support judging others. Is judgement not suppose to be for God?
Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about this.