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Bad girl: Errm, what is Rihanna wearing here? (LOOK)

Rihanna is no stranger to a risqué outfit, and isn’t afraid to parade her curves in a series of daring ensembles.
Stepping out in Paris on Tuesday night, the Diamonds singer certainly turned a few heads with her latest sartorial choice..
The 25-year-old singer chose a striking deep red jumpsuit to attend a cocktail party at the designer Azzedine Alaia place, and while there’s no denying she looked typically stunning, she was at risk of suffering a wardrobe malfunction thanks to the plunging nature of her outfit.
RihannaOoh la la! Rihanna arrives for a cocktail party at the designer Azzedine Alaia place

Rihanna in Paris
Only Girl in the World: Rihanna looked stunning in the deep red jumpsuit and snakeskin clutch bag as she arrived at a party in Paris
 more pic after when you continue

RihannaBFFs: Rihanna arrived at the swanky event in Paris hand in hand with her pal Melissa Forde who wore a matching black version of the outfit
The singer was pictured leaving her car with her trusted assistant and BFF Melissa Forde, who wore a similar version of the outfit.
But as she sat down inside the venue, the Diamonds hitmaker exposed a little bit too much flesh as her jumpsuit gaped open for all to see.
Rihanna teamed her sexy outfit with a large snakeskin print clutch bag, while adding height to her frame with a pair of towering heels.
Oops-a-daisy! Rihanna almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction thanks to the plunging nature of her ensembleOops-a-daisy! Rihanna almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction thanks to the plunging nature of her ensemble
RiRi in Paris Blonde ambition: Rihanna’s dark red ensemble seemed to match her bleached blonde locks
The music superstar completed her dramatic look with a slick of deep berry lipstick, while wearing numerous gold pendants around her neck.
It certainly made a change from the all white ensemble she was seen wearing earlier in the day.
The star, who is currently on tour in Europe, had been seen wearing a short white tennis skirt, cropped lace top and chunky gold trainers on Tuesday.
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