Bútt implants: Why they are a bad idea and what to do instead

There was a point in time when the worst kind of insult you could aim at a woman was to tell her that her “behind” was too big. In recent years, there has been a shift that has taken having a big behind from being undesirable to being one of the most common indicators of what it means to be attractive and sexy.
Arthur Perry, MD, a contributing expert on the Dr. Oz show believes that bútt implants are one of a few procedures that he believes people should not have.
information about the procedure and why it is not a good idea. He also shares a few quick tips for an alternative way to get great results without risking your health.
Búttock implants
These silicone wonders of science are written about more than they are implanted (at least in the United States). Incisíons are made close to the midline and silicone gel implants are placed over the muscle, but under the tough membrane that encloses the muscle. After the surgery, you are not supposed to sit on your búttocks for 2-3 weeks. How many of you can do that? Not many, and that’s one of the reasons this procedure has a high complication rate. Problems like fluid collection, movement of the implants, and infections plague many patients. A common problem is scarring around the implants, which leads to hard implants. Imagine sitting on two baseballs and you’ll get an idea of what you’re in for if your implants harden.
 A better idea? Try 10 minutes of squats, 3 times a week. You’ll grow an ounce of muscle in 2 months.