Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo at War with The Nigerian National Assembly Over Anti-Gay Bill!

Controversial human rights activist, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo has drawn the battle line over the approved Anti-homosexuality bill.
She says;
I am at WAR with the Nigerian National Assembly! I DARE them to order my arrest for Educating Gays with their clueless law. I want everyone on this page to write their lawmakers that I am encouraging gays and supporting their activities underground.

The Gay law is FRAUD!! We did not vote for it, they passed it on our behalf stating that God doesn't want it for the people. You put that kind of SHIT on the f*cking ballot and we will be satisfied. The Gay law should be repealed and put on the 2015 ballot like any developed country would.

It is not in the 1999 Constitution and considered fraudulent. When the ppl vote against it, I will be convinced.

The battle line has just been drawn.


  1. Kemi or wot did u call ur name? Atleast the bill hv bn passd into law in favour of many.. So wot re u killn urself ova it? Or re u A GAY? And if ure a Gay fightin for dis, its normal but if u re not a Gay, u just want to be heard making noise evrywhre, den u must be a foolish dirty dog!supportin tins like dis.. Make dem catch u weda maggot no go commot for ur yansh! Oloshi..

  2. Kemi human right activist or whatever your job is..let me tell u something, and pls listen carefully.. Firstly, If u are unfortunate to be Gay, that is ur cup of tea.. I personally don't give a hoot.. But the time I decide to give a hoot is the time when you and the likes of you so called I-never-chop activists shout wolf when infact, there is No wolf. You see, in my opinion and if that's counts, I'll suggest that you call together Gay people like you (bcos u must be Gay to want to die for them) and text your location to boko haram so you people can protest together..I wish there is a way I can give you dirty slap online.. I would have landed you Correct Igbati Oloyi..wait are you mad ni? All you bastard faggots should find a way to commit suicide instead of littering the streets with poop from your leaking basket size thing you call anus..ODE! OPONU AYERADA! OYE KI WON PA IWO ATI AWON ELERIBU BI TI E NI. OMO ALE OLUNLOYO


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